Peak Pattarasaya releases the MV Key Jai, cute, bright, smiles after watching – Tod promotes quickly!

Peak Patrasaya Sanfan is a singer. Release the first single of popularity with the MV Key Jai is cute and bright. Inconsistent with the key but good for the heart – Tod Sina during a quick promotion

It created quite a bit of excitement. For the young female heroine Peak Patrasaya, the legendary singer of Peak. Not focusing on the key, focusing on wanting to sing, who dreams of becoming a singer. Release his own music until it catches his eye. Jeep Thep-Arj, CEO of LOVEiS label, took him to sign a contract as an artist under the label.

Read the news: Bang Mak Sis! Peak Patrasaya signs a contract with a famous record label. as an artist because of this dream…

Photo from Instagram peakpattarasaya

Most recently (September 22, 2022) Peak Patrasaya has released his first single with the MV of the song “Heart Key” with the artist name PEAKSayaa! made the fans happy as well with her dream come true While his boyfriend Tod Sina also posted a promotional post for him. Ready to see the girlfriend saying “Well done!”

Peak Patrasaya

As for the MV, Key Jai has a young man, Tor Thanapob, as the MV hero, while the Peak girl looks cute and bright. In a song that expresses one’s self There is a gimmick distorted voice part, and there is a rap part and cute dance moves. As for the hook part, it’s catchy and doesn’t match the fans’ hearts lightly as follows:

“You are the smile that I secretly cherish.
You are the duvet on a cold day.
You are my favorite color of the sky
is a safe zone on days when I don’t have anyone
You’re the jigsaw I’ve been looking for.
you are the time of the clock
To continue walking……..
It’s okay if you don’t match the key…just be honest.

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