Reduce the impact of termination of contracts. 9 private hospitals. Help urgent patients. Treatment at the same place until December 31

Reduce the impact of termination of contracts. 9 private hospitals. Help urgent patients. Treatment at the same place until December 31
Reduce the impact of termination of contracts. 9 private hospitals. Help urgent patients. Treatment at the same place until December 31

Reporters reported that National Health Security Office, District 13, Bangkok The representatives of the operators of 9 referral hospitals in the National Health Security System were invited in the Bangkok area, namely Mahesak Hospital, Bangna 1 Hospital, Prachapat Hospital, Nawamin Hospital, Petchwet Hospital, Kluaynamthai Hospital for the Elderly 2. Doctor Panya Hospital, Bangmod Hospital and Kluaynamthai Hospital Come to the meeting to prepare to support the termination of the service unit contract that will be effective from October 1, 2022.

Dr. Lalitaya Kongkham, deputy secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), as the chairman of the meeting, said that today it is a discussion with nine private hospitals that are preparing to terminate the service contracts. In order to join the process during the transition period to reduce the impact that will occur to people who use national health security rights or “30 baht gold card” initially, NHSO has asked for cooperation in 3 areas as follows:

1. Service to people affected in transition By requesting to take care of patients who need to receive services in the past 3 months, starting from October 1, when the contract expires, until December 31, 2022 under the rules, regulations and laws of the NHSO. to be able to operate and preparation of medical records Patient’s medical history for referring treatment to continued treatment 2. Asking for support at the location of public relations as a point of clarification of information for the people who received the service to acknowledge;

For today’s meeting, all 9 private hospitals have cooperated well. in caring for gold card patients to receive continuous treatment To help reduce the impact and suffering. During these three months, the NHSO will expedite communication with the people as soon as possible. Along with providing new service units and services to support and provide care for patients as thoroughly as possible. In the past, NHSO has coordinated to Bangkok. to ask for cooperation from service units under the jurisdiction to take care of which has been well received by the Governor of Bangkok

While Dr. Wirat Aungpoolsawat Director of the National Health Security Office, District 13, Bangkok, said the NHSO, District 13, Bangkok, was not calm and worried about the acute impact it would have on people. Therefore, there must be action to support the people who suffer as little as possible. therefore invited representatives The private hospitals who terminated the contract came to the meeting today. Initially, the NHSO asked all 9 private hospitals to continue providing gold card patients until December 31, 2022 by separating the patient groups. as follows

1. Inpatients who have been admitted by December 31, 2022 request the hospital to treat the patients until the end of treatment. by reimbursement for inpatient service fees from the NHSO

2. Patients who need urgent treatment or have an appointment for treatment, such as a patient having an appointment for surgery pregnant woman Cancer patients who have an appointment for radiotherapy, chemotherapy, an appointment for an ultrasound examination, a CT scan, an MRI, etc., ask the hospital to provide treatment services according to the patient’s appointment until the day On December 31, 2022, including patients who were referred to other hospitals, treated as before until December 31, 2022, and during this time, medical records and medical records were to be prepared for patients. for continued use at the service units in the potential gold card system

3. Patients with chronic diseases continuous treatment patients Ask the patient to follow up for an appointment first. After that, ask for cooperation The hospital prepares the patient’s medical history. and recommending further treatment In the case of patients who can receive services at the primary care unit It is recommended to visit the warm community clinic. medical clinic and public health centers near home anywhere

4. In the case of tuberculosis patients and HIV/AIDS (HIV/AIDS). After that, ask for cooperation The hospital provides a medical history for the patient. Ready to give advice to continue treatment by tuberculosis patients to continue treatment at all public health centers for HIV/AIDS patients to receive continuous services at 43 public health centers, all government hospitals, and the NHSO prepares to coordinate Bangrak Medical Center (Bangrak Clinic) Urban Disease Prevention and Control Institute (OCC) Bripta Tangerine United Clinic by NHSO will prepare a list of service units. However, in the event that a service unit cannot be found to support the patient, the hospital is requested to coordinate with the NHSO hotline 1330 to register for continuous patient care until December 31, 2022.

For patients who have scheduled surgery such as cataract eye surgery, knee surgery, obstetric surgery and other surgeries that the doctor diagnoses that the service is necessary From January 1, 2023 onwards, patient information must be submitted to the NHSO by October 31, 2022 so that the NHSO can coordinate the procurement of treatment units. and requesting to inform the patient in advance or recommending further treatment This includes patients treated with chemotherapy. For radiotherapy that has not finished treatment within December 31, 2022, please send patient information to the NHSO by October 31, 2022 as well so that we can find a support service for the treatment. continued treatment

for patients with hemodialysis appointment heart surgery appointment Cardiac catheterization with balloon Heart catheter in a tent can still use the service as usual because the service contract was not terminated

However, in the next step, the NHSO will send a notice to all nine private hospitals asking for cooperation to provide treatment for affected gold patents for another 3 months during the transition period. passed and let the hospital report back The service fee is in the form of payment according to the service list (Fee schedule). Or if you need help, you can ask for information at the hotline NHSO 1330 press 6.

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