Fire at a famous pub in Sattahip kills 13, injures dozens more

Fire at a famous pub in Sattahip kills 13, injures dozens more

At 1:00 a.m. on August 5, Pol. Lt. Col. Boonsong Yingyong, deputy investigative senator at Phlu Ta Luang Police Station, was informed that there had been a fire at a pub. Several injuries and deaths occurred in the Mountain B Pub (MOUNTAIN B) On the Sukhumvit Road, Bangna-Trad Village, Moo 7, Phlu Ta Luang Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, after receiving the notification, he reported to the supervisor, along with Pol Col Wuttipong Somjai, Superintendent of Plu Ta Luang Police Station. Mr. Kanpong Suwanpatumlert, Senior Permanent Secretary, acting on behalf of the Sheriff, more than 20 fire trucks from various agencies and the Sawang Rojan Foundation Sattahip Rescue Unit.

The scene was a one-story building. In an area of ​​more than 3 rai, found the fire burning violently inside the building. and found tourists fled to death from the building, nearly a hundred people Some were in a state of being burned all over. Laying down moaning in pain The staff had to urgently provide first aid and take him to the Queen Sirikit Hospital, Sattahip.

reporters reported more than It was difficult to control the fire because inside the building. There are easily flammable objects, especially sound-absorbing foam sprayed on the roof ceiling. Thus causing the fire to spread throughout the building quickly. Firefighters had to mobilize water and chemical foam protein water for more than 2 hours before the fire was under control. as well as to keep people out of the area to prevent building subsidence.

In addition, officials cleared the area initially, which is tragic. Found the bodies of the 13 deceased, 4 women, 9 men, lying dead together. In front of the door 4 people in the men’s bathroom 3 people behind the booth DJ 1 person in the cashier 2 people in front of the cashier 3 people. The body is in good condition. was scorched by the flames all over the body tragic death As for the injured person who was taken to the hospital A total of 18 were confirmed, with eight of them severely burned. Most of the other injured were injured from smoke suffocation and injuries from running and scrambling out of the pub.

At the same time, there was a clip leading up to the incident to be released and found that tourists were trying to scramble to escape death. out of only one front door cause doubt In the case of fire doors, whether there is or not, while the police are unable to conclude the initial cause of the fire this time Only witnesses gave preliminary testimony. that before the flame Two explosions sounded next to the DJ booth stage. before the spark next to the sound-absorbing foam slate which is easily flammable until it spread rapidly throughout the building until such a tragedy

Later at 03.20 hrs., Pol. Maj. Gen. Atthasit Kitchahan, commander of the Chonburi Provincial Police. went to the area to investigate the scene Ms. Thanyapat Sornsuwanhiran, 26, the captain of the pub, said she saw the fire starting to ignite around the roof before quickly spreading throughout the area. will shout to tell the shop Help try to drive customers out of the store. But the fire spread quickly. There will be such deaths and injuries.

staff Sawang Rojana Sattahip Foundation rescuers, who arrived at the scene as the first team, said that when they arrived, they found a fire burning in the roof. The flames reached a height of more than 5 meters. Dozens of injured people tried to rush out. until he rushed to transport people out of the scene

Pol Maj. Gen. Atthasit Kitchahan, commander of the Chonburi Provincial Police, initially could not conclude the cause. this time the fire have to wait for witnesses to see all the events as well as to the scientific staff to prove evidence to examine the scene thoroughly again The death toll was confirmed as more than nine, while nearly 40 were wounded.

As for the service facility It’s a newly opened pub. It has only been opened for a few months. And is a source of entertainment that Sattahip teenagers are very popular to travel. which at the time of the incident It is the time when tourists are enjoying the music. until no one caught up When they saw the light, they fled. stepping on a path until a large number of deaths and is considered a serious incident The first time in Sattahip as well.

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