Analysis: “Thaksin” returned home after a 6-month deal with the enemy. Pheu Thai prevented “Moving Forward” from forming a government.


Analysts see “Thaksin” returning home through a 6-month deal with the enemy. Use it for Thailand to prevent “Moving Forward” from forming a government, clearly a greater threat.

Thaksin Shinawatra, a 74-year-old former Thai prime minister, was set free on Sunday after receiving a suspended sentence. Received my first day of freedom after 15 years in exile abroad and returned home to Chan Song La on Sunday morning, according to Thailand time.

The news about Mr. Thaksin’s release from prison received the attention of the international media. and the opinions of many analysts were asked on this issue.

Reuters reports that Thaksin’s release represents a deal Thaksin made with his enemies. to counter the greater threat to the old power base of the military regime and royal loyalists. Especially the popularity of the Kao Kao Party that won last year’s election.

Analysts point out that The fact that Thaksin did not spend a single night in prison is an indication that some sort of deal may have been made in the past six months.

Paul Chambers of the Center of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University give an opinion that “Thaksin needs help from his old power base to return to Thailand without being imprisoned.” and “The old power base also wants to use Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party to prevent the party from forming a government. There is no need to stage another coup.”

Joshua Kurlantzik Senior Southeast Asia Scholar of the Council on Foreign Relations believes that “Thaksin is less of a threat than the Progressive Party. And he’s shown that now by making deals that are almost certain… and doing what the old power base wants.”

Prof. Thitinan Phongsutthirak Lecturer in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University told Reuters that The restructured original power base can successfully work with former enemies. to prevent the growth of the other party, and that “Thaksin has now become a pawn on the board rather than a game mastermind.”

Prof. Thitinan also spoke to Al Jazeera news agency. Thaksin’s political influence is no longer the same. After two decades of ups and downs, Meanwhile, his political party no longer holds the majority of the vote base. After losing the election for the first time to the Kao Kao Party in May.

“Thaksin’s sentence was reduced from eight years to just one year. Then there is a six-month suspended sentence without spending a single night in prison. It will create feelings of inequality and unfairness. The fact that he received special treatment over everyone else did not help the popularity of the Pheu Thai Party to increase in any way.” Prof. Thitinan stated

Al Jazeera news agency Ask analysts’ opinions on what will happen after this. Many people believe that Thaksin will continue to play a political role. Or he may be the commander behind the Pheu Thai Party. or may even return to the position of Prime Minister again

Associate Professor Mark S. Kogan of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Kansai Gaidai University, Japan commented to Al Jazeera, Releasing Thaksin home sends the wrong message that criminal offenders But those who are wealthy and have good connections with the elite, such as Thaksin, are able to return to power and wealth once again.

Assoc. Prof. Kogan believes Thaksin will likely eventually return to being involved in Thai politics. “He is now free. and he will return to participate in various affairs. of the country for sure This will raise questions about the legitimacy of the Settha government. Because Thaksin is Those who control the Pheu Thai Party”

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