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Senior DJ Sudsapong mourns for “DJ Ko”. It’s hard to accept that he has to come and send off his beloved sister: PPTVHD36

Senior DJ Sudsapong mourns for “DJ Ko”. It’s hard to accept that he has to come and send off his beloved sister: PPTVHD36
Senior DJ Sudsapong mourns for “DJ Ko”. It’s hard to accept that he has to come and send off his beloved sister: PPTVHD36

Can’t hold back tears The DJ siblings join together to send off “DJ Go” for the last time, opening their hearts to their little darling. Seeing the development and skill, it’s hard to accept your younger sibling’s sudden passing.

“DJ Ko”‘s wife posts a condolence message. Looking back, he wanted to spend his life with her anyway.

Family and people around you are still in sorrow and mourning. to the departure of “DJ Go-Trin Ruangkitratanakul” who fell from a hotel in the Sukhumvit area and died on November 17, 2023

Last Monday, in the morning, “DJ Pee Oi” came to host the program in place of “DJ Go,” fans of the program mourned on social media. Heartbreaking in the morning when there is no sound from DJ Go giving happiness anymore. On the side of “DJ Pae Wisava” who used to host a program together. I cried in the middle of the show on the day there was no DJ Nong Rak sitting next to me like usual.

Entertainers and Green Wave fans mourn the death of DJ Ko-Trin.

Revealing the history of “DJ Ko”, a famous radio host. Nataraja award winner

Then in the evening (20 Nov. 2023) DJ Pae along with DJ Chow Chow and the DJ siblings came to attend DJ Ko’s last day’s funeral prayer ceremony and opened up through tears that

DJ Pae : “It feels like we are together every day. It was very sudden and took me 2 days to come to terms with it, so I tried to be as strong as possible to send my younger sibling off because he is our brightness. He is our smile No matter when you encounter it, it’s up to you. It’s just a fun feeling. Feelings of entertainment with us all the time. I have never had a sad story to tell. A person who has energy all the time. Every time we work together it is very happy. Therefore today was very sudden for us. I also found it difficult to accept that I had to send my younger sibling off. Which is unbelievable that it will happen.”

DJ Chow Chow : “Since the first day I became a DJ. He would come to stay at ‘EFM’ before going to ‘Green Wave’ and stay with P’Chao and P’Pong. He would say ‘Hia. I really like him. Hey, he’s my idol. I will organize the program as well as you. Now the voice still echoes in my head. The word ‘Yes sir’ Ko says very often. We have seen his development as a smart person. A person who learns quickly Have the ability to work Continuously develop yourself

Until everyone saw the development and accepted that Ko is another DJ who is a force for Atime. After finishing organizing at EFM, we were missing someone at Green Wave. Nong was another person who was placed. that he was the person who organized the program and was in a good mood Being friends with listeners is fun all the time. No matter how much suffering he has had. When the mic is turned on, it will be another person. Will give happiness to everyone at all times. Everyone has a smile Everyone says Go is their morning coffee.

On the last day I met Nong. Because the program is held at the same time That day, Breakko still asked if he had any New Year’s gifts at home yet. So I asked what he had. He told me he had jelly. My mother’s mango jelly is very delicious. There are 2 and 3 pounds. Which one do you want? I told him that he took 3 pounds, 3 stones. After that, Ko went to host the program. That day there were no signs at all. What events did Ko have happen in his life? After organizing the program I would walk over and say OK, Go. He ordered 3 cubes, but Go wasn’t there. Ko has already left the room. So I felt that that day There were signs that Ko Khao walked in and out of the show room 2-3 times, I was like that! Is it diarrhea or something else? So I asked the programmer. He said that he had already left. I called my younger sister but she didn’t answer. Then I came to know the evening news along with everyone and was shocked and shocked. This event should not have happened. Go is loved by everyone in Atime. He is a talented person, a talented person. I believe that he will go to a good place in the world. Then I went to be a DJ. Go arrange it for the people in heaven to listen (voice shakes).”

while “Opal Panisara” Post a picture of traveling to attend DJ Ko’s funeral. and wrote a message to this beloved brother: “Brothers Rakko, travel safely. Rest in peace. Go will always be a light in our hearts. I love you, little brother.”

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