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believe! ‘Pang Nanode’ is still alive in the forest. Assistant Police Commander confirms the hunt has not stopped.


Open the latest information. Still believe it! ‘Pang Nanode’ is still alive in the forest. The Assistant Police Commander insists that the hunt has not stopped. The police spokesman did not confirm the request to surrender.

Never stopping the hunt for “Pang Nanode” due to her escape. Point out that preparation is very good. Still able to survive on the Banthat mountain range, the police spokesperson did not confirm the request to surrender. Waiting to check clarity

Today, 20 November 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Itthiphon artificial genius Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (Assistant Police Commander) as head of the hunt for Mr. Chawalit Thongduang or “Pang Nanode” on Banthat mountain range confirmed that at this time the Royal Thai Police does not have a policy to stop it. Hunting mission because “Pang Nanode” is the accused who has a habit of escaping. He is a dangerous person and has used weapons of war to fight with officials. May be dangerous to the public

Now, from various evidence during the chase operation It was found that Mr. Pang was still fleeing on Banthat mountain range. There is still no indication that it came down from Banthat mountain range. All agencies, including the government, military, and police, continue to integrate and block the mountainside area. around the village to block escape routes

As for the possibility of “Pang Nanode” escaping from the area, There is a possibility as well. But he confirmed that the police had done their best and had closed the surrounding mountain roads.

Moreover, officials have changed their tracking strategies every day. from obstacles in the area For example, the constantly changing climate is not conducive to work, etc.

Police Lieutenant General Itthiphon believes that “Pang Nanode” can still survive in the forest. Even though officials have already cut off the supply chain Because Mr. Pang had prepared well to escape in the forest. This can be seen from the inspection of CCTV cameras on the day Mr. Pang escaped from the hospital at midnight. It was discovered that Mr. Pang had headed to escape on the mountain. without stopping outside other routes

Pol. Lt. Gen. Achayon Kraithong, spokesman for the Royal Thai Police (Police Spokesperson), discussed the case of someone contacting the Royal Thai Police Commander. to request surrender 2 days ago Haven’t confirmed that yet. Who is the person contacted to request surrender? And who is the person who will request to surrender? At this time, we are in the process of investigating the facts to clarify first.

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