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The Prime Minister scheduled a statement to resolve the issue. “Informal debt” 28 Nov. : PPTVHD36

The Prime Minister scheduled a statement to resolve the issue. “Informal debt” 28 Nov. : PPTVHD36
The Prime Minister scheduled a statement to resolve the issue. “Informal debt” 28 Nov. : PPTVHD36

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Revealed after discussion with relevant agencies that the big matter discussed was solving the overall debt problem. It is divided into two parts: informal debt and formal debt. The issue of informal debt will be announced on 28 November, which will be an integrated solution to informal debt.

As for the debt in the system, the Prime Minister said that it is considered a big debt. There will be another announcement on December 12 at 2:00 p.m. It will be a complete announcement of the entire package for resolving debt in the system.

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As for long-term tax measures, Mr. Settha said that he would not say anything yet because if he did speak, there would still be nothing clear. We’ll go talk together. But confirmed that there will be long-term tax measures coming out.

In addition, Mr. Settha said that measures to support tourism were also discussed. This will come out as a big package that will be presented to the Cabinet within the next 1-2 weeks. If it is clear, there will be a further announcement.

As for the case of Nida Poll Public survey results revealed Is the matter okay with the Prime Minister himself concluding a 10,000 baht digital wallet and issuing a loan act? which is the opinion of the majority of the people Disagreeing with that, what does the Prime Minister think about this matter? Mr. Settha said that from a brief look It’s not just this. But there are things that I agree with. I’d like to give it away too. Personally, I think it reflects our opinions and we have already made a statement. The matter is also in the hands of the Council of State. In addition, economic figures reflect that GDP in the 3rd quarter expanded only 1.5%, compared to neighboring countries like Malaysia, which had the lowest 3.3%, some countries 2-3 times higher than ours. It is a matter of interpretation whether a crisis is necessary or not, which the Prime Minister emphasized that it is a crisis. and necessary

Reporters asked after the Prime Minister Has made a clear statement of the conditions for implementing the digital money project. How have the relevant agencies collected the reflections? Mr. Settha said that they are still collecting them now. And on that day, after doing it, I still thought that we still had to continue working. Still listening Which is a small detail that we have to work on.

Are you worried or not? The loan bill will be issued and the Prime Minister will be distracted from moving forward with the project. Mr. Settha said that the position of the country’s leader It is a position with high responsibility. There are many sectors that need to be taken care of to solve problems. There will be no distractions or loss of morale. There is no right to be distracted. There can be no excuse for not working. Don’t worry. Don’t lose heart, don’t lose focus.

And in the case of the E-Refund project, is it possible to use one or the other with the digital wallet project? Mr. Settha stated that no, both can be used. People who already have a digital wallet can You can use E-Refund as well.

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