Pheu Thai Roi Et MP walks campaign “People support 10,000 baht digital wallet”


Pheu Thai Roi Et MP walks the campaign “People support 10,000 baht digital wallet” to create knowledge and understanding. About the digital wallet project Help circulate the local economy

On November 19, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Lan Saket stage, Roi Et Municipality, Dr. Chalad Khamchuang, Roi Et District 2 MP, Pheu Thai Party, Sgt. Tutthon Khamchuang, member of the Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization, along with the public. About 300 people wore white shirts. With a message attached to the shirt that said “People support 10,000 baht digital wallet” came together to do a walking campaign to create knowledge and understanding. About the digital wallet project that it is not just giving away money But it’s about spending digital money. To help circulate the local economy To help the economy expand Help solve the problems of people’s stomachs. Have money to build a sustainable career There was a campaign march holding signs along Suriyadejbamrung Road. before turning right into Thung Charoen Market To create understanding with merchants, sellers and the public who come to shop. Let’s understand the purpose of distributing digital money.

Dr. Chalad Khamchuang, Member of the House of Representatives, District 2, Pheu Thai Party, leader of the campaign to understand the digital money of 10,000 baht, told reporters that The 10,000 baht digital wallet project is an economic stimulus project, not a distribution of money. It is the policy of the Pheu Thai Party and, finally, the policy of the government. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Settha Thaweesilp and the coalition government party. There is a common opinion that Thailand in the past Thai people face economic and financial problems. It is necessary to have a large economic stimulus all over the country. More than 50 million people

Even though some people have some status, the majority, 90 percent, are ordinary people with no income. So what happens is that the government will give you 10,000 baht to spend. From the original saying that it was within a radius of 4 kilometers, it was adjusted to be an area within the district. Whichever district you live in, you spend within that district. This project has a duration of 6 months and allows merchants to sell their own products. It allows people in their own districts to shop and sell to people in the community. It is spending at the same time throughout the country. Money will circulate in the market. circulated to the people And the government will be able to collect more taxes and have more money to run the country.

But because there are many groups and organizations that disagree with this policy, it is necessary that Thai brothers and sisters help campaign for common understanding. Today, Roi Et Province is the first stop. We have come to campaign for the people to understand that The government has no other intentions. It’s not about giving away money to campaign. It is giving money to Thai brothers and sisters to open their eyes and mouth for a certain period of time. In addition to many other policies that exist

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