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Department of Medical Services promotes Pichai Model cancer-free community, the first step towards comprehensive cancer care |


Department of Medicine by Lampang Cancer Hospital Developing a cancer-free model community “Pichai Model” creates cooperation in all sectors, the first step towards “Comprehensive cancer” under the concept of “Knowledge, prevention, early detection and treatment. Safe from cancer”

On 20 Nov. 2023 Dr. Amporn Benjaphonpitak Acting Director-General of the Department of Medical Services Revealed that the Department of Medical Services has joined in driving the implementation of the Ministry of Public Health policy. Especially the important and urgent policy “Quick win” of Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health. that focuses on healthy people in all 4 dimensions, including physical, mental, intellectual, and social health for a comprehensive cancer policy It is one of the important policies of the Ministry of Public Health to systematically solve the cancer problem under the concept of “Knowledge, prevention, early detection and treatment. Safe from cancer” that operates from promotion, prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. until continued care until the end stages including integration of cancer work Create partnerships with health districts Both the government and public sectors cancer hospital

The Medical Department has carried out Cancer Free Village Pilot Community Project of Phichai Subdistrict Starting from 2020 – present, to solve the health problem of cancer by creating health knowledge about cancer (Health literacy) for the people. Emphasis on community participation in solving their own health problems. “Community-Oriented Primary Care” and has integrated operations with public health agencies. Phichai Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital Including local government organizations such as Phichai Subdistrict Municipality. Phichai Subdistrict Administrative Organization

Dr. Veerawat Ukranan, Director of Lampang Cancer Hospital Said that from the past project implementation Has piloted a cancer-free village prototype community in Phichai Subdistrict, totaling 3 villages, namely Ban Fai Noi, Ban Rai Sila Thong. and Ban Ton Muen Each village has created a different project to solve health problems related to cancer. For example, Ban Fai Noi has established “Health Learning Center Phichai Subdistrict Cancer Free Model Community” There was a signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement of all sectors (MOU) between Phichai Subdistrict communities. Phichai Municipality and Lampang Cancer Hospital in organizing knowledge transfer activities to promote and prevent cancer screening including patient care Until continuing care until the end of life for the people Public health volunteers on a monthly basis To make people aware of taking care of their own health. Able to quickly detect cancer and access cancer treatment

This operation is considered the beginning of proactive health promotion in the area of ​​cancer for people in the community to create awareness of health care. And if at-risk people who experience abnormal symptoms are able to receive cancer services, they will be detected, treated quickly and systematically referred. Correct according to standards Safe from cancer in line with cancer patient care operations according to policy. “Comprehensive cancer” under the concept of “Knowledge, prevention, early detection and treatment. Safe from cancer”

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