Biden honors turkey’s 81st birthday on Thanksgiving Day


President Joe Biden presided over the redemption of two turkeys on Monday at the White House. in the annual ceremony to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The star turkeys at this year’s ceremony are named Liberty, which means freedom, and Bell, which means bell.

By doing this ceremony Officials placed a turkey on a table in front of President Biden. Before the American leader said, “I redeem my life. Liberty and Belle” before congratulating the two turkeys.

In addition to the ceremony to redeem the life of the turkey, President Biden, who is the oldest living president of the country while in office, He also celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday.

Jill Biden First Lady Receiving a Christmas tree for the year 2023

And in the afternoon, First Lady Jill Biden Receiving a 5.6 meter tall Christmas tree from Fleetwood. North Carolina To be used as the White House Christmas tree this coming season. by US leader Still linked this to joking about his own age by saying: “This is the 76th year of this event. And I want to tell everyone that I didn’t come to this ceremony in the first year.”

The age of the President of the United States The present has become a talking point recently as Biden is running for a second term as leader.

As for Liberty and Bell, Steve Licken, president of the National Turkey Federation and president of turkey merchandiser Jennie-O Turkey Store, unveiled this year’s stars of the event on Sunday. Past at Willard Intercontinental It’s a luxury hotel located near the White House. The two turkeys have been staying as special guests in the suite since Saturday. After attending the red carpet ceremony into Washington To take a break from the day’s travel from Minnesota in the Cadillac.

Turkeys “Liberty” and “Belle” are the stars of the White House Turkey Redemption Ceremony. Stay at a luxury hotel suite in Washington on Nov. 19, 2023

The two turkeys, both males, were 20 weeks old and weighed 19 kilograms each. They attended this year’s ceremony. The farm has played various songs and sounds for the two animals to get used to and prepare for the commotion of the ceremony at the White House.

The White House tradition of turkeys began in 1947 when the National Turkey Federation, an organization representing turkey farmers and producers, Presenting the National Thanksgiving Turkey to former President Harry Truman. The ceremony was for the presentation of a turkey to the President of the United States. and the family uses it to cook food and eat Until the late 1980s, it was transformed into a life-saving activity.

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