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Horrible murder, insult to the police. Shooting “vocational” dead 1 year 2 Dusit Technics, clear picture of 3 gunmen (clip)

Horrible murder, insult to the police. Shooting “vocational” dead 1 year 2 Dusit Technics, clear picture of 3 gunmen (clip)
Horrible murder, insult to the police. Shooting “vocational” dead 1 year 2 Dusit Technics, clear picture of 3 gunmen (clip)

A ruthless teenager shoots and kills this Dusit Technical student. It was revealed at 7:45 a.m. on November 20, Police Lieutenant Teerakit Teerabanchorn, Deputy Police Inspector (Investigation), Dusit Police Station, received a report of a student being shot dead in front of house number 64. /4 Ranong Road 2, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si Subdistrict, Dusit District, Bangkok, opposite Kornkaew Kindergarten School. Report to the commander and related agencies investigating the scene, including Pol. Col. Kamol Numhom, deputy commander of the 1st Police Station, Pol. Col. Trithep Phaetrat, superintendent of the Dusit Police Station, Investigation Division, Royal Thai Police. Public Health Office, Investigation Unit, Public Health Office, 1st Battalion, Investigation Department, Dusit Police Station, Forensics Division officers (OBEC), forensic doctors, Phramongkutklao Hospital, and Samak Foundation volunteers.

At the scene of the incident on the sidewalk along Ranong Road 2, the body of Mr. Pongpheera Sukkhot, 16 years old, a 2nd year Vocational Certificate student was found in the construction department at Dusit Technical College. Bangkok Vocational Education Institute Lying on his back in a pool of blood Wear a mechanic’s shop shirt over a blue short-sleeved V-neck t-shirt. blue pants black sneakers There was one gunshot wound of an unknown size in the middle of the chest. At the scene, one pen gun, .38 caliber ammunition and a magazine were found, and one knife, whose identity is not known, was kept as evidence.

Later, a professor at Dusit Technical College and fellow students walked to the scene of the incident. Because it is only 500 meters from the college, there are also Mr. Channarong Sukkot, age 42, and Ms. Nuannapa Ketsuwan, age 40. The deceased’s parents heard the bad news and rushed to the scene of the incident. When he saw the condition of his child’s corpse, he cried and hugged his child’s corpse, crying and beginning to die. Amidst the atmosphere of sorrow Officers quickly lifted the couple out of their child’s body. Due to the need to check evidence Ms. Nuannopap bids farewell to her son and wishes Nong Phum to rest in peace. In the next life, I wish to be born as a mother again.

Mr. Channarong Sukkot, the deceased’s father, revealed that This morning, my children raised their hands to pay respects before leaving the house in the Din Daeng area. I usually get on the bus alone. But will wear normal clothes. But before entering college to change the school uniform due to fear of being attacked He didn’t expect that something so serious and cruel would happen. My child intends to study here. Have you ever had to resign because you were worried about your child? Because there are often quarrels at the college. But the child asked his mother to continue his studies, so he did as he wished. I feel very sad that my child had to leave like this. He also has only one child.

Preliminary investigation found that Before the incident, a friend of the deceased who went to school with him named Gus was riding a Yamaha Grand Filano motorcycle, silver-bronze color, registration no. 9 ก 9685, Bangkok. Leave the front of the college to pick up at the scene of the incident. After Mr. Gus picked up the deceased as a passenger and then rode to pick up another friend near the entrance to Ranong Road 2, while riding 3 people together, the deceased told Mr. Gus that there were 2 motorcycles and 3 male teenagers wearing black clothes. Helmet covering face, riding a car following Mr. Gus then parked his car at the scene of the incident and all 3 people got out of the car with knives. A scuffle ensued. Before hearing one gunshot, Mr. Phongphira collapsed and fell down. The three assailants hurriedly rode two motorcycles and fled towards the entrance of Ranong Road 2 on the Rama 5 Road side.

Mr. Chakrin Damrak, director of Dusit Technical College, revealed that Dusit Technical College has not had any quarrels for nearly a year, since August of last year. This is the first time that something like this has happened on Ranong Road 2. The time of the incident was around 7:40 a.m. when students were saluting the national flag and giving information in front of the flagpole. During that time, a road user came to the college to inform the news that A student was shot and killed. He and a group of teachers went out to look and found that The student who was shot was breathing heavily. Hurry and notify the rescue team to come and give CPR for approximately 1 hour until death.

The director of Dusit Technical College continued. Initially, students will go home at noon today. and temporarily suspend teaching Changed to online teaching instead for 2 weeks. After this, the Dusit Police Station will discuss with the police to monitor security more strictly. They admit that 1 year ago there was a police checkpoint set up in front of the college. After the quarrel last month August last year But when the situation is calm and there are no checkpoints, it becomes a loophole. Throughout the 5-6 years that he has been serving at the college, he has not yet found that students have conflicts with other institutions. Tell the media that This event was attended by students of Dusit Technical College. People affected and died Not the cause

Pol. Col. Trithep Phaetrat, superintendent of Dusit Police Station, said the deceased rode a motorcycle with a friend from Thoet Damri Road and went straight to the scene of the incident, waiting to pick up another friend. When arriving at the scene of the accident, there was a car. Two of the perpetrators’ motorcycles followed and shot at the deceased. before the group of perpetrators rode in a car The motorcycle headed off towards Rama 5 Road and found that at the scene there was a pen gun. Police officers collected it and examined it to find out if it was the gun used in the incident or not. As for the two friends who died, they were initially taken to Dusit Police Station for questioning, and the investigation department was asked to check the CCTV cameras in order to track down the culprits and bring them to justice.

At the conference room on the 3rd floor of Dusit Police Station at 11:30 a.m., Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thamsuthee, commander of the Royal Thai Police, called a meeting of the investigation team of the Royal Thai Police. Subdistrict Police Station 1 and the investigation department at Dusit Police Station took approximately 30 minutes. Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej said that in this case, the Police Commander ordered the Metropolitan Investigation Team to come down and join in the investigation. Three areas of investigation were established: personal conflicts of the deceased; Conflict between friends who died and matters of different institutions After clearly dividing duties Please allow time for a thorough investigation first. It is still not possible to definitively conclude whether it is the work of different institutions or not. It is believed that it was planned but not complicated.

“The CCTV footage showed that 3 thieves came on 2 motorcycles. The motorcycles did not have license plates. It is not yet possible to say whether they were students or youths. Because all three were wearing helmets. As for the gun found at the scene, it is not clear whether it was the gun used to shoot the deceased or not. Must wait for forensic examination As for the knife found, it was determined that it was the deceased’s knife that he carried for self-defense. From the CCTV footage, it was found that the deceased used a knife to defend himself by stabbing at the attacker several times. It was analyzed that the culprit was probably injured and had to be treated at a hospital or clinic in Bangkok or the surrounding area. An investigative team was sent to investigate. I would like to express my condolences to the family of the deceased student. Initially, it was not found that there was ever a history of conflict with anyone,” said the Commander-in-Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau.

It is also reported that Blame the identity of the perpetrator. The first motorcycle, a Yamaha Aerox 155, was white and red, without a license plate. The rider wears a gray half-face helmet with white stripes. Wear a dark, long-sleeved jacket. blue jeans Vans brand sneakers, black with white stripes The pillion rider wears a half-face helmet, blue with white stripes. Wearing a black jacket with white stripes, brand Kappa. Dark pants Black sneakers, white soles, white shoe laces. Another motorcycle, Yamaha Nmax 155 brand, gray color, does not have a license plate attached. The rider wears a black full-face helmet. Black long sleeve shirt with hood Brown pants Vans brand sneakers, black with white trim. The right side mirror was broken at the scene.

At the Royal Thai Police Headquarters (Police), Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commander, said he ordered Pol. Gen. Kitirat Phanphet, Deputy Police Commander. The Narcotics Control Board has urged them to quickly track down and arrest the perpetrators and prosecute them quickly. If the delayed investigation does not progress, further consideration must be made. Because he had already ordered a policy on setting up measures to prevent students from causing shootings and physical harm, he emphasized that Pol. Gen. Kittirat urged the commanders and superintendents in their areas of responsibility to think of ways to prevent the problem. Let there be a violent event. It cannot be allowed to cause trouble to innocent people. The area must be taken seriously. Arrange patrols to prevent quarrels. Mobilize and search guns and target high-risk groups to reduce the chance of causing a crime.

Asked if there will be an order to transfer the commander and superintendent who were released for cause or not. Police commander said must be considered on a case-by-case basis The main cause of the incident must be considered. Is it related to the problem of students from different institutions fighting with each other? Or is it a personal conflict? It is up to the investigation and must check whether the commander and the commander of the area have put in place measures to prevent the incident as ordered or not. If there is no strict action or negligence, the responsible person must be punished.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Achayon Kraithong, spokesman for the police, said Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, commander of the police, ordered Metropolitan Police rushed to track down and arrest the perpetrator. and urged the local police to put in place measures to prevent the incident from happening again. Prepare a before and after incident response plan. In the case where the police commander orders punishment for the commander in the incident area. Currently in the process of appointing and transferring Expected by the end of the month November will be completed. During this time, let each unit understand the policy. Issue a plan to check the information before the police call another meeting to reiterate. Confirm that you will not let it pass. In the case of the shooting of student Uthen Thawai, the bullet missed and hit “Teacher Jeab” and died. A police spokesman said that the Police Commander ordered to expedite and track down the culprit as quickly as possible. At this time, the case has progressed a lot.

As for the case of a group of assailants attacking and shooting Mr. Thanasorn or Yod Hongsawat, 19 years old, a student of Rajamangala University of the East, Uthen Thawai Campus, was seriously injured in front of Thanachart Thai Military Bank Public Company Limited, Khlong Toei Branch, Sunthon Kosa Road, Khlong Toei Subdistrict and District. But the child was lost and Ms. Sirada or Teacher Jeab Sinprasert, age 45, a middle school computer teacher at Sacred Heart Convent School, died. The Metropolitan Investigation Team is in the process of hunting down the gunman to prosecute. Progress at 1:27 p.m. at the forensic department. Chulalongkorn Hospital, Ms. Pornpimon Hongsawat, mother Thanasorn Hongsawat and their families came to receive their son’s body. With friends and seniors from the same institution coming to receive Mr. Thanasorn’s body. After being shot, he was in serious condition and recently died at 8:39 p.m. on the night of November 19 due to symptoms. Infection in the bloodstream

The atmosphere around the pathology building, where the corpse was received, had 7 police officers from Pathumwan Police Station stationed in the area to monitor the incident. Inquiring about the police stated that Came to keep an eye on safety issues. and prevent opponents from creating chaos in the area as well Ms. Pornpimon said In the past, my mother’s son had always fought. Because he is a person who stands up and fights for wanting to take care of his family. But later his son died. Doctors said he had a blood infection. He and his family will take the body to make merit at a temple in Samut Sakhon Province. As for the case, the police have informed that Authorities are doing their best to quickly find and prosecute the culprits. In my heart, my mother wanted the culprit to be caught now. But you must give the police time to do their work.

“As for the issues that the family talked about, He will not burn his son’s body until the culprit is caught. I admit that the family really talked about this matter. But I would like to consult internally again first. But the mother will demand as much justice as possible for her child. The family has not yet forgiven the perpetrator. Because I’m still sad about the incident. along with telling his son’s soul that May your child rest in peace,” Ms. Pornpimon said.

When it was time to move the body, there were friends and seniors from the same institution holding pictures of the deceased walking ahead. Followed by Mr. Thanasorn’s body which was covered with a ziplock bag. There was always the deceased’s mother walking beside her. Everyone is in a state of grief. Ms. Pornpimon said briefly that “Let’s go home, child.” Then the body was taken into a van for transporting the deceased. With his mother sitting beside him, not far away. Before taking Mr. Thanasorn’s body to perform religious merit at a temple in Samut Sakhon Province.

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