Do poor people have rights? Caviar launches iPhone 15 Pro collection


Caviar is a Russian company that specializes in customizing flagship phones and premium devices. Presenting a new extreme of luxury to please the Sultans with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max collections, starting at a low price of around 240,000 baht and the most expensive at around 20 million baht.

Including reservation promotions for all iPhone 15 models with promotions from mobile phone companies. Where to buy is the best value…come and see!
Summary of Thai prices for all iPhone 15 Series models! Reservations begin on 15 September. Release date 22 September.

The lowest priced model will be the ‘Carbon’ collection that has a carbon back cover surface design. And adds features with a titanium steel frame in a very elegant black style. Including the machine number engraved on the side edge.

For this ‘Carbon’ collection, the starting price for the iPhone 15 Pro model with 128GB capacity is $6,770 or approximately 241,600 baht.

While the most expensive model is the ‘Diamond Snowflake’ collection, the surface design of the back cover is made of 18K white gold, embedded with more than 570 diamonds and decorated with a snowflake-shaped diamond pendant from the Graff brand, as well as engravings. The machine number is on the side edge. This model will be produced in limited quantities, only 3 units in the world.

For the ‘Diamond Snowflake’ collection, this is the most expensive of the iPhone 15 Pro Max models with 1TB capacity at 563,910 USD or approximately 20,129,900 baht.

But for anyone who wants the same luxury as the ‘Diamond Snowflake’ collection but at a more affordable price, Caviar also has the ‘Crystal Snowflake SE’ collection, which has a similar design to the ‘Diamond Snowflake’ collection. For example, but change the surface of the back cover material to silver. Including replacing 570 diamonds and a snowflake-shaped diamond pendant with crystals instead.

For the ‘Crystal Snowflake SE’ collection, the starting price for the iPhone 15 Pro model with 128GB capacity is 16,770 USD or approximately 598,600 baht.

In addition, Caviar also has several interesting iPhone 15 Pro | Pro Max collections, such as ‘Titan Black’, which has a matte black titanium back cover surface design. Starting price approximately 264,500 baht

or ‘Ultra Black’ which has a matte black titanium back cover surface design similar to ‘Titan Black’ but is complemented with the Apple logo and various letters in 18K gold material. Starting price around 287,700 baht.

Including ‘Ultra Gold’ which has a similar design to ‘Titan Black’ and ‘Ultra Black’ but changes the surface of the back cover material to all 18K gold. Price starts at approximately 317,400 baht.

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