Good idea for Liverpool to play in the Europa League.


And the next is a good idea about the “swan boy” and that Liverpool will have to play in the Europa League battle from experienced people.

1. Change the atmosphere to sleepless nights on Thursday nights. Watch sometime and you will find a taste of life that is strange and emotional. and feelings of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness.

Incidentally, not suitable for heartbroken love ingrown

2. See and get to know strange new teams from Moldova, Cyprus, Malta, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and, without exception, Montenegro.

considered a new experience Not only the big teams from Spain, Italy, Germany and France!!!


3. Liverpool are “favourites” to win this cup for sure.

And don’t forget that Jurgen Klopp has never touched this championship that will help complete the honor of being a team manager.

If it’s really “okay”, it’s not difficult. There is also a ticket to play in the UEFA Champions League as a prize.


4. In case your team sees it as a trophy that is too small, has no value, your team can use it as a testing ground for young players. and substitutes who rarely play on the field, for example Joe Gomez or Darwin Nunez

or if your team decides to leave it It will allow you to focus on the pursuit of the Premier League title.


5. At least it saves your team from having to face rivals like Real Madrid until Mo Salah has to declare revenge and revenge again.

Don’t forget that … shifts are halted by not booking shifts.

Bonus Track: Maybe You Don’t Have to Be Lonely Because we may come down to be your friend. After the group stage is over… well.. can be..

Boss Bu

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