Open your heart to a 24-year-old man who suffers from “lung cancer” despite never drinking or smoking.

Open your heart to a 24-year-old man who suffers from “lung cancer” despite never drinking or smoking.
Open your heart to a 24-year-old man who suffers from “lung cancer” despite never drinking or smoking.

Open the mind of a 24-year-old rescuer after revealing a shocking story become patient “Lung Cancer” unintentionally Revealed that he has never drank, smoked, or been out at night. But to everyone, just be happy, cancer can’t do anything.

On May 26, 2023, it was reported that the online world has shared the story of a Facebook account user P’pong Phongsakorn who posted a picture with a message saying Hello, my name is Pong. I’m going to tell you about lung cancer. We are the only sons of our parents, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t go out at night. Today, I still regret that When a friend invites you to visit I should give it a try.

Accidentally started life as a patient Early July 2021, before the 24th birthday. “Cancer Patients” There is a story that..we start doing things that get tired easily and cannot lie down because of suffocation. Whatever you do, you’ll pant like a dog. Went to X-ray with a mobile car. It was found that there was a lump in the lungs. So I went to check at the hospital to be sure.

For us, the lump grows quickly and doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t look like a friendly lump at all. So I pierced the biopsy to examine it. We still remember feeling like the earth where we stepped on is breaking As if we’re going to fall into the gap invisible as if dead Perhaps we wondered why past life Even though I felt so overwhelmed. I can’t breathe Everything was understandable when I saw the results of the CT scan and pulmonary puncture. to assess the stage of lung cancer before starting treatment

There is a 15 centimeter diameter lump in our chest cavity. Located between one lung near the heart and a bunch of major blood vessels. that receives bad blood back into the heart and send good blood out to raise the body We were admitted by the professor as soon as Ajarn Cancer saw the results of the CT scan.

You’ve grown so big that you press on our aorta. In less than a week we may have swollen face, swollen arms, choking, and that day will be our last. That we have been working as a lifeguard without anyone knowing if we will be able to come back or not..

Well, the word “cancer” makes no one dare to say that We will come back after 6 months have passed. Khun Kon has given us a rest. stay home carefully to receive chemotherapy on a regular basis It has a duty to avoid any infection, to receive all chemotherapy drugs on time. And everyone simply asks “don’t die” today we have received all the chemotherapy drugs. Follow-up examination after treatment in a dormant state We have returned to work full time.

Intentionally created to record the journey for six months. That we and those around us have fought lung cancer until we can return to normal life with strength. Including sharing a little experience that is likely to be a problem that is often encountered in patients receiving chemotherapy After all, cancer is afraid of happiness. when we are happy Cancer can’t do anything to us. Encouragement is the most important thing.

For friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents who are fighting lung cancer. I want encouragement to heal We will be happy to answer messages. As long as there is always free time lung cancer in each patient There are many different factors and treatment methods may be different. If you have questions about the details of treatment, you will ask for permission to consult a specialist doctor who is the owner of the fever.

However, the young man who owns such Facebook has opened his heart to “Thairath Online News Team” Stated that the symptoms are now better than before. From before, I couldn’t go to bed flat because I was tired, but now I sleep with normal income from a 15 cm cube after completing chemo, less than 1 cm left, which still has to see a doctor every 3 months.

As for the cause of the illness, in his opinion, he assumed that it was caused by the environment, dust, secondhand cigarettes, he was not sure how it was. after knowing that he was ill Life has changed, everything has to take care of yourself more specially. Eating has to choose to eat. Wherever you go, you have to wear a mask all the time because of your low self-esteem. Always encourage yourself that If possible, it must be lost.

However, the young rescuer also concluded that “Personally, I think Cancer is a kind of disease. If possible, it must be lost. or live with the disease most important encouragement Because encouragement is the best medicine.”

Thank you information from Facebook P’pong Phongsakorn

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