“The Whale is as lonely as a whale” with the performance that every school gives the best of Brendan Fraser.

“The Whale is as lonely as a whale” with the performance that every school gives the best of Brendan Fraser.
“The Whale is as lonely as a whale” with the performance that every school gives the best of Brendan Fraser.

The name of the Thai movie has been officially released. For a film that is considered to officially revive the career of veteran actor Brendan Fraser. Which is considered to be a trend from Twitter in Thailand, quite a bit under the name “lonely as a whale” from the English name “The Whale”

The film is about Charlie, a lonely math teacher who comes out as gay. Trying to do the right thing last After realizing that severe obesity would take his life By returning to contact with the daughter who was born with the wife who has separated. who have been separated from each other for a long time But this attempt was not so easy. When the family feuds that he abandoned for a long time. turned into wounds that could not be healed

Directed by director Darren Aronofsky, who is keen to delve into the darker side of the human psyche, the genre has been on the shelves since Pi (1998). , Requiem for a Dream (2000), Black Swan (2010), and most recently with Mother! (2017).

If anyone has followed the news in the international film industry, it would be seen through some eyes that Brendan Fraser has disappeared from the Hollywood acting circles. Especially in big movies since The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008), because he was sexually abused by an adult in the industry until his mental health deteriorated and was kicked out of the industry. Until when he came out to reveal the story that happened along with getting the opportunity from the American director making him come back to stand in this industry again

The film has been shown abroad since the end of December. Therefore, we would like to take the views of the critics to see how. The performance is considered the best of his acting career. Will it be true?

“Fraser delivered some of the best performances of his career.”
Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times

“The Whale is messy and compromising. but found its sincerity to be at the core of the emotion in the leading role. The effort we saw from Fraser completely overwhelmed all the drawbacks.”
Adam Graham of Detroit News

“In every scene, every moment, in every action. Fraser was determined and succeeded in finding something. That is more than just a way to stir up the sad mood of an audience without tactics.”
Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune

“Fraser and Chau have delivered a heartfelt performance, and Charlie’s presence in the midst of this pandemic is so relatable to us in this pandemic. So it’s no surprise that the film will bring many viewers to tears.”
Margot Harrison from Seven Days

“Fraser delivered the best performance of his career. ,There is a profound feeling inside from beginning to end. So much so that the rest of The Whale was lost in his shadow.”
Michael Balderston from What To Watch
“Brendan Fraser’s performance in this movie will blow your mind. Its story is about what mankind will gain from darkness and light battling to overwhelm this broken man’s soul.”
Hosea Rupprecht of the Pauline Center for Media Studies.

​​“Fraser conveys Charlie with sincerity and humility. He didn’t make you pity Charlie. But it makes you connect emotionally and emotionally, sorrow grips the soul physically and emotionally to the point of being paralyzing.”
Carla Renata from The Curvy Film Critic

“It was an incredible and daring performance from Fraser. It might be his best performance. He described this traumatized man. that is a gentle soul The tragic flaw is that he cared too much under such a complex environment.”
Lynn Venhaus from PopLifeSTL.com…Presents

So many compliments Movie lovers must not miss the twisted acting role of the former action actor. Coming to the drama might send him to the Oscar for Best Actor.

In addition to Brendan Fraser, the cast adds to the intense drama with an ensemble cast featuring Sadie Zink (Stranger Things), Hong Chau (The Menu) and Ty Simpkins. (Irom Man 3)

“Lonely as a whale – The Whale” is scheduled to be released in theaters on February 16th.

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