still the best

still the best
still the best

Mother of 3 children : Ploy-Phet-Prom To whom your entire soul is still firmly bound. Live with every song, every era, both music and music. These two wonderful things “Still the best” of her life

“Oh-Buppha Dharmabutra” On Saturday night Reminisce, embed memories, 80’s love songs with smart folk artists “Pee Pok-Phu Saming Nor Sawan” One folk country full of life

Let’s open the “song drawer” of the 80s with her own compositions. When I was still a student of the journal What she secretly decorated for a man to love, he is “Kobchai Kingchatchawan”, her life partner – father of her 3 children at present.

The duo kicked off the nostalgia with her classic love-romantic song, “The Two of Us,” followed by 1987’s “Sail the Boat of Love” and 1992’s “She Said to Forget.”

Phu Saming did not hesitate to reminisce and followed up with a song. “Motivational Lessons” in 1983 and the song “Ror Rak Deem” in 1986. Concluding the Saturday night with the song “Always” (Always) our lives.

Most amazed – Apostle was amazed with “At Dakkapianist-Buppha Dhammabutra” As if she had all the staff of her genius throughout the past 5 decades, everything is still as beautiful as before.

everything of you and of you “Still the best” like a real diamond “King Chatchawan” immortal…eternity.

“Dr. Sathtanik Julmanee”

The article is in Thai


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