Launched new country boy band Just the first song is bang! Got Jakraphan, made by himself

Launching 4 young people, New Country, a new boy band Eye-catching handsome aura Released the first song, Bang Got Jakraphan, made it by himself.

Photo from Instagram got_jakraphan

It is considered another big project of the legendary country singer Got Jakraphan after turning to work behind the scenes to create new boy band artists like New Country, consisting of The 4 members are Embo, Tintin, Guitar and Nu.

If anyone who follows Got Jakrapan’s Instagram will know that he is very focused on doing this project, including practicing singing, dancing, and posing for the young artists intensely and with quality. This project has received a lot of attention from music fans. because there is a novelty in the music industry that rarely sees a boy band being a luk thung band

Latest (December 2, 2022) Song “Stand by Handsome” of the band New Country (New Country) was released to be seen. This song was composed and composed by Got Jakraphan, arranged by Phumetha Pattaraphonpol. It is a genre of music that is fun to listen to. There is a memorization in the ear More importantly, there are cool dance moves of 4 young men for the mothers to get up and dance along as well. Plus the handsomeness of each young man has an aura that hits his eyes. I saw it and immediately put my hand on my heart.

after the song was released on YouTube There were many people who commented and appreciated. Many people commented that it was a very harmonious blend of country music. Matches with the era. Got Jakrapan’s signature is in the song very clearly.

while Teacher Sala Khunwut commented that “Perfect everything Equation of dedication of Pi Got Jakrapan and all members of New Country, this is what I want to see. and want it to happen In the Thai country music industry I would like to be another encouragement to dare to think, dare to act, dare to act, this is truly “Got Power”.”

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