Maroon 5’s Adam Levine has arrived! The young model revealed she was secretly dating + asked to name the child after

Adam Levine has been accused by model and influencer Sumner Stroh that he and she are secretly dating Behati Prinsloo, and there is evidence chatting to name their third child Sumner after her.

The image of the family man trembled when Adam Levine lead singer Maroon 5 He is known to be married and have a child together with a young model. Behati Prinsloo It’s been 8 years since 2014 and they have 2 kids together or me. Dusty Rose (2016) and Gio Grace (2018) but suddenly hit Sumner Stroh The model and influencer made a TikTok clip that revealed that she had been secretly dating Adam Levine for about a year, she said.

“I secretly dated the husband of a Victoria’s Secret model. I was young, innocent, and to be honest, I felt tricked.”

She attached a picture of the chat from her Instagram DM where she talked to Adam for everyone to see. She said that after months of talking to him, Adam texted her, “Okay, seriously, I’m going to have another baby. if a man I want the name Sumner. Are you ok? This is very serious.”

She also attached some old chat pictures. Let’s have a look at Adam Levine’s DM account previously discussed.

Sumner Stroh said she had never actually thought of speaking out before. But a friend who had evidence of her chat prepared to sell it to the tabloids. She chose to speak out for herself. She stated, “My morals have been reduced without my knowledge. I was so perplexed.”

After 10 hours of posting the clip with 7.5 million views, she posted a second video clip in which she further explained,

“I didn’t come out to ask for sympathy. And I know I’m not a victim of this. I am not the one who was hurt by this, Behati and her children. And I’m very sorry. in that regard.”

And she came out to explain more about the point that she said she was agitated.

“The most important part that I was deceived was. I think they are breaking up. At that time I believed they were quiet. so that there will be no negative news coming out. And from what I said I’m new to LA, so I figured out that famous stars would do the same. Everything turned out like this.”

“That’s the part where I felt deceived. ‘Cause he knows I name everything he says As I just arrived in LA, he sent a DM straight from his real account. So I didn’t suspect anything after that. But now I know that I was fooled by his way of speaking.”

Representatives for Adam Levine’s side, including his wife Behati Prinsloo’s family, have yet to speak out.

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