Yesung SUPER JUNIOR is ready to give his all with his first solo concert in Thailand, Unfading Sense in Bangkok, see you on 16 Dec.


Yesung The main vocalist of the group SUPER JUNIOR (Super Junior) Possessor of a beautiful artistic voice Prepare to broadcast for everyone to hear at the same time. Passed his first solo concert in Thailand YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOK (Yesung Solo Concert – Unknown Sense in Bangkok) On Saturday, December 16, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., Bhiraj Hall at BITEC Bangna.

Special features of the concert ‘YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense’ is YESUNG (Yesung) He came up with all production ideas himself, such as the concert name. Stage concept, design, etc. and because the name of the concert means “The feeling that has already happened cannot fade away.” Therefore, this feeling that arises from various senses and remains It can become a shape. With elements of vision and hearing Throughout the duration of this show

by YESUNG (Yesung) There is a concert tour schedule in 9 cities in Asia. which opened successfully in Seoul on 21-22 October 2023, followed by Jakarta on 10 November 2023, Taipei on 25 November 2023, Nagoya on 2 December 2023, Osaka on 5 December 2023. , Bangkok on 16 December 2023, Tokyo on 19 December 2023, Manila on 2 January 2024 and Macau on 13 January 2024.

YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 1YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 1
YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 2YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 2

YESUNG (Yesung) is known as one of the members of the K-pop boy band that has created many great legends for over 18 years. SUPER JUNIOR (Super Junior) including being part of various units including: SUPER JUNIOR-KRY In 2006, SUPER JUNIOR-HAPPY in 2008 and the project SM The Ballad In 2014, in addition YESUNG (Yesung) started his journey as a solo artist for 11 years with his first mini album. Here I am in 2016 and went on to create many more solo projects that proved his unique tone and excellent singing skills. Whether it’s a 2nd mini album Spring Falling Year 2017, mini album set no. 3 Pink Magic Year 2019 and the 4th mini album Beautiful Night Year 2021, especially in 2023, which he presented. ‘Sense Series’ has released 3 albums including the first full album. Sensory Flows January 25, first full album Special version Floral Sense February 27th and the latest mini album set 5 Unfading Sense Last October 4th which reached number 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 16 countries around the world.

YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 3YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense 3

Prepare to experience the feelings from start to finish together with YESUNG (Yesung) Through a variety of songs that will express his uniqueness freely. and only an impression remains Like the rain that turns into flowers that bloom with YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOK which will officially open for ticket sales On Saturday, November 25, 2023, from 11:00 a.m. onwards, at Counter Service in all 7-Eleven stores nationwide. and through the website Price (all tickets) 6,500 / 5,500 / 4,800 / 3,800 / 2,800 baht with many special privileges for card buyers.

Follow news and additional details of the concert via our social media accounts. SM True : Facebook, Instagram and For more information about purchasing concert tickets, please contact Counter Service Call Center 02-826-7788.

Seat Map YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOKSeat Map YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOK
Fan Benefit YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOKFan Benefit YESUNG SOLO CONCERT – Unfading Sense in BANGKOK

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