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Arrested. Girl patrolling and stealing pork from villagers Claiming to steal because it’s expensive. Give it to relatives.

Arrested. Girl patrolling and stealing pork from villagers Claiming to steal because it’s expensive, giving it to relatives CCTV footage captured red-handed prosecuted for delinquency

On November 24, 2022, reporters reported that In the event that social media has shared warning stories After many victims Pork was stolen from the front basket of a motorcycle. The incident happened in many markets in Lampang Province, especially at the Government Savings Bank. which is the morning market where people come to buy fresh food

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Most recently, Pol. Col. Sarawut Wathe, Superintendent of Muang Lampang Police Station. Pol. Lt. Col. Prasit Lasomsri, deputy superintendent of the Muang Lampang Police Station, Pol. Able to arrest the perpetrator, known as Ms. Boonchuay, 47 years old, who was arrested yesterday. Therefore detained to investigate at the Muang Lampa Police Station

From the investigation, Ms. Boonchuay confessed that she had actually stolen pork from villagers at the government savings mask. and distributed to relatives due to expensive pork The officers have evidence as CCTV footage, capturing images while Miss Boonchuay caused the theft of villagers’ pork meat placed in the basket of the motorcycle.

By acting as a ride on a blue Honda Wave motorcycle to park at the end While the victim accidentally Ms. Boonchuay took the opportunity to quickly steal pork, put it in her car and drive away. Initially, the officer reported charges of theft. before further legal proceedings

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