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Caught the son of a famous former village headman with a friend who used a firearm to shoot the person driving the car overtaking him, claiming to be dissatisfied.

Ratchaburi – Gathered the son of a former famous village chief according to the arrest warrant of the court of Ratchaburi Province with a friend who used a firearm to shoot the person driving the car overtaken, claiming to be dissatisfied, while the Commander of Region 7 emphasized the incident. Police officers will arrest every culprit. Especially during the World Cup especially about gambling and firearms must not be

Today (November 24), Pol.Lt.Gen.Thanayut Wutti Charathamrong Provincial Police Region 7 commander Pol Maj Gen Boonyarit Rodma, deputy commissioner of Provincial Police Region 7, Pol Maj Gen Wachiraphong Amarapitak, Chief of Provincial Police of Ratchaburi Province, and Pol Col. Thanin Chatcharoenporn, Acting for the Provincial Police Superintendent, Muang Ratchaburi jointly held a press conference at Muang Ratchaburi Police Station, the arrest of Mr. Anuchet or Jay Iowsuwan, 30 years old, the son of a famous former village chief in Ratchaburi District and Mr. Warut Onphet, 30 years old, who is accused by the court’s arrest warrant in Ratchaburi Province. Mon. 298/2565, dated November 23, on charges of jointly killing others. jointly armed with firearms Possession of ammunition without permission and carrying firearms in towns, villages, public places without permission and without a reasonable cause.

along with a medium of a 9 mm short-barreled firearm, 1 ammunition pouch, and a black Ford Everest multi-purpose vehicle, registration number Kor Chor-111, Ratchaburi, which the condition of the car has side mirrors. and the back glass is broken The person who was shot dead was Mr. Sommai Srisawang, 32. There were also two other people who were injured by firearms: Mr. Tinnakorn Saekow, 37, and Mr. Charoon Daeng, 37. Chattrue, 24 years old, suffered a slight injury. As for the dead and injured, they used a bronze Isuzu pick-up truck, registration number Borm-8834, Ratchaburi, which had traces of several shots fired in the front of the car by a firearm.

In which such an event occurred at 1:30 a.m. on November 23, 2022, police officers Muang Ratchaburi Police Station Received notification from Bangkok Hospital Muangraj That there were 3 people who were shot by firearms, injured, admitted to the hospital and 1 died, please come and check. Pol. Col. Thanin Chatcharoenporn, acting instead of the superintendent of the Provincial Police, Muang Ratchaburi, led investigative officers to investigate. and received information from those injured that The incident occurred at Rangkadi Bridge, Village No. 3, Khok Mo Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District,

by the deceased And all 3 injured people driving pickup trucks Come along the Ratchaburi-Damnoen Saduak road, driving behind a black Ford brand utility vehicle. At first, he tried to overtake the Ford car, but the Ford car did not allow him to overtake Mr. Tinakorn, the driver. has slowed down and later attempted to overtake the said car further As the cars collide, several shots are heard before the car spins as the driver is startled and shot. After that, several more shots followed. Before the said Ford car drove away. which the injured person remembers the car registration therefore causing the officer to check the registration until knowing that Who is it that has issued an arrest warrant and brought him to the press conference?
which Pol. Lt. Gen. Thanayut Wutti Charathamrong The commander of the Provincial Police Region 7 emphasized that in every incident, the police will arrest every culprit. Especially during the World Cup, there was an emphasis on gambling and firearms. There must not be any, and if any, must be arrested every case, no exception being relatives of politicians. Or whoever it is, it must be arrested.





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