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“AIA Thailand” launches super app “AIA+”, including all features together.

“AIA Thailand” launches “AIA+” super app, combining all services of AIA, iServices and AIA Vitality together. with face scanning feature AI-powered, tracking body mass index, blood pressure, stress levels To help everyone have better health

Mr. Nickhill Adwani, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Thailand Revealed that “AIA Thailand” has launched a new super app “AIA+” (AIA Plus), which combines the features of AIA iService and AIA Vitality. Thailand) come together to help customers access benefits quickly and conveniently, whether managing policies and health care more conveniently within a single app. which comes with a face scanning feature Powered by AI, it’s easy to measure and track your body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, pulse and stress levels to support a healthier and better life for everyone.

For AIA customers nationwide, the app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from today onwards. general personal You can register to read articles and enjoy various features on the application as well. It is also ready to continue to expand its insurance business. In 2021, AIA Thailand has a market share of 17%, ranking 3rd behind Hong Kong and China, respectively.

side Dr. Christian Roland, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, AIA Thailand It said that at present, the AIA Vitality Thailand health application has been downloaded more than 470,000, while AIA iService, which provides comprehensive insurance services, has more than 1 million downloads. The company focuses on implementing digital technology strategies. and Technology, Data and Analytics (TDA) to deliver the best customer experience through a single, integrated application like AIA+, reinforcing its position as the nation’s leading digital life insurance company.

The new super app AIA+ is the result of bringing together the features of AIA iService and AIA Vitality Thailand. To allow users to access services from AIA seamlessly, such as digital life insurance policy services. health tracking system Including special rewards for users with a healthier lifestyle. In addition to features that measure and track your body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, pulse and stress levels. with face scan1 Through the AIA+ application, users also get quick and easy access to premium payment services. With many promotions and special privileges that are unique for users as well.

“AIA+ app is now available for download on iOS and Android operating systems. Current AIA Vitality Thailand app users can update to access the AIA+ app immediately. For users who have an AIA Vitality Thailand account or If you already have AIA iService, you can log in to the AIA+ app using your old credentials.”

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