Chiang Mai – Ping River, the amount of water continues to increase The latest is close to touching 4 meters.

Chiang Mai City Crisis Ping River, the amount of water continues to increase Most recently, it was close to touching 4 meters while the authorities changed the red flag. Alert people near the river to deal with, on the side of Chiang Mai Provincial Governor Order all units ready. revealed that the watershed has begun to stabilize

The progress of the water situation in the Ping River that continues to increase continuously from the effects of rainstorms in the area causing the amount of northern water to increase rapidly and accumulate into the Chiang Mai city area at the beginning of the evening And in the evening around 19.30 hrs. ago, the amount of water began to increase, reaching a critical level. At about 3.70 meters until the officers at the P.1 water observation point beside Nawarat Bridge Mueang Chiang Mai A yellow flag must be raised as a warning to the public that they must closely monitor the situation.

The latest at a later time Around 23.00, the amount of water in the Ping River has risen sharply to about 3.93 meters and near midnight Increased to about 3.95 meters and is expected in the time after midnight. The amount of water may increase by about 4 meters, forcing officials to change the flag to red. This is to alert people in the surveillance area and the area adjacent to the Ping River to prepare for initial response. and carry their belongings up high to prevent flash floods that may occur during this period.

While the news reports said Atmosphere at the P.1 water observing point beside Nawarat Bridge, there are many people who come to closely monitor the water situation. because of concerns that there will be a sudden flood Even though it was almost midnight But everyone still kept their eyes on the situation and the lead quantity. There are also reports that some places near the Ping River have begun to overflow the banks. causing villagers and some officials to hurry to bring sacks to make a wall to prevent water from flowing into the inner area And sandbags were made to distribute to people at risk areas.

While on the side of Mr. Nirat Pongsitthaworn Governor of Chiang Mai, along with Mr. Asanee Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai has visited the area to survey the water observing point P.1 again after about 7:30 p.m. and provide assistance to people in vulnerable areas

The governor of Chiang Mai revealed that the situation at the moment is not very serious and during the period that Chiang Mai municipal officials and relevant officials can still take care of And from several surveys, it was found that the amount of water was not yet overflowing with the sediment wall. As for the point where the water seeps or the point where the water erupts up, the sandbags have been plugged in. The point of concern for some is the zone 1, which is the low point where there is a risk of flooding which the villagers already know where there are.

As for the water situation from the Mae Taeng area and the northern area is now reported The amount of water has begun to stabilize and has not increased. and know that the rain has stopped And in the water that flows in the Chiang Mai city area today It is the amount of water caused by rains in the past two days, which is expected if there is no rain again around midnight today, the amount of water may not come up as quickly. After that, it will start to stabilize and gradually decrease and it is expected that it will not exceed the water embankment at the municipality. block action And if there is an excess, there is a support plan in which the pump is prepared and can be started immediately. Including sandbags that have been prepared to distribute to villagers’ houses that have been flooded in the past. by confirming that there is enough to meet the needs in case of an emergency

The governor of Chiang Mai also said that he would like to leave it to the people of Chiang Mai who are worried about flash floods. There is no need to come out and look at the observation point. because they are concerned about the rest of the people and can be followed through social media that has already closely reported the situation If there is an emergency, it will promptly notify the public and be able to deal with it in a timely manner.

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