“Han Lay” tells the minute that he was banned from entering Thailand – detained at the airport | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

“Han Lay” tells the minute that he was banned from entering Thailand – detained at the airport | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News
“Han Lay” tells the minute that he was banned from entering Thailand – detained at the airport | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

Case of “Han Lay” Miss Grand Myanmar being denied entry by the Thai authorities to enter the country and was detained at Suvarnabhumi Airport After returning from Vietnam on 22 Sept. It is reported that Han Lay is the person Interpol wants. Moreover, the Myanmar authorities have canceled their passports.

Most recently, today (September 23), Han Lay gave an interview with “Thai PBS” about the story that happened. while she was still in the detention centre. inside Suvarnabhumi Airport

how is the current situation

Han Lay : I’m fine now in detention center inside Suvarnabhumi Airport which the immigration officers take good care of

An attempt was made to meet with the Myanmar police.

Han Lay : Confirmed that there was an attempt to meet with the Myanmar police. I told the immigration officer that I didn’t want to meet because it was my right to refuse. Which Thai immigration officials said that if I wanted to meet with the Myanmar police They will accompany and protect me during negotiations with the Myanmar police. But I refused and said I didn’t want to meet.

know that travel to Vietnam To come back and extend the visa in Thailand

Han Lay : Usually as a tourist If traveling outside Thailand and coming back again Will be able to extend the visa further. I have been in Thailand for more than 1 year, which is over the visa period. to extend the visa I have to leave Thailand and come back again. So I decided to go to Vietnam.

when arriving at Vietnam airport My passport is not a problem. And I was in Vietnam for 3 days before leaving the country. At that time, Vietnam Immigration did not report any problems with my passport.

But when arriving in Thailand Thai immigration has a problem. It said that my name was found on the Interpol list. which is notified by my country’s government (Myanmar Military Government) that my passport was lost in Vietnam.

Your name is on the Interpol red warrant, is it true?

Han Lay : Yes, they showed me the document my name. is on the list of Interpol and unable to allow me to enter Thailand due to passport problems which the Myanmar government has reported to Interpol So they can’t let me enter Thailand.

They took me to the detention room. (within Suvarnabhumi Airport) to wait for the next flight back to Vietnam Because it was reported that my passport was lost in Vietnam. They confirmed that I have to go back to Vietnam Tickets have been booked. And I was almost on the plane. But I called UNHCR first to consult.

UNHCR told me not to leave Thailand. and said that I have the right to refuse to board the plane So I informed the airline that I would not be boarding the plane.

They tried to bring me back to Vietnam. By saying that the passport is on the list of Interpol. and said I can’t stay in Thailand airport. But I try to contact UNHCR if I fly to Vietnam. They will send me back to Myanmar. Because my passport is not valid in Vietnam.

I think the Myanmar military thinks I’m going to travel from Thailand. to return to Vietnam and send me back to Myanmar But in the end it failed because UNHCR advised me not to leave Thailand.

I have been in contact with UNHCR regarding a request for asylum in a third country, where details cannot be disclosed.

For Han Lay, she has been living in Thailand since 2021 after she came to the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant in Bangkok, where she delivered a speech on stage about the situation of protests in Myanmar. until the Myanmar authorities issued an arrest warrant

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