Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model.

Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model.
Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model.

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Wat Doem Bang, Derm Bang Nang Ordained, Suphan Buri, built amulets in retrospect for the 50th anniversary of Luang Pho Kuay, Kositaram Temple, Chainat, built for teachers

Wat Doem Bang Deem Bang Nang Buat District, Suphan Buri Province, is one of the temples that are related to Reverend Father Kuay Chutintaro Wat Kositaram, Chainat Province, is considered a temple in the position of Luang Pho Kuay I have studied science with Reverend Father Ban He is a teacher, a teacher, always Luang Pho Kuay Used to have mercy to patronize sacred objects Help to build a pavilion of the temple Including also having created a sacred object as a coin, the model name raising a bouquet of flowers

Wat Doem Bang (Kongkaram), Doem Bang Nang Buat District, Suphan Buri Province

It’s been 50 years since the coin was mined. Luang Pho Kuay The agenda will be an important merit-making event, such as offering Kathin unity. Wat Doem Bang Therefore, a retro coin called the Boon Kathin model was created. Emphasize retro is important because it has been created only black smoked metal The number of creations is limited to 4,000 coins only. Created according to mouldable mass Collected from the quarter of the Diocese of the Kingdom of Siam

Yok Cho Fah Coin, Deem Bang Temple, created by Luang Por Kuay, year 1972

for original coins that Luang Por Kuay built for Wat Doem Bang That is a sacred object. raise the sky Year 2515 B.E. At present, the rental price is in the hundreds of thousands.

Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model.

The slate in the construction this retro coin There is a collection of 108 Maha Yant slates, 108 monks, casting slates, 9 temples, 9 monasteries, and 9 famous monks. slate shaped like Auspicious monks Reverend Father Ngern, Reverend Father Thong, Reverend Father Rich, Reverend Father Mee, Reverend Father Khun, Reverend Father Sap, Reverend Father Perm, Reverend Father Yot, and Reverend Father Rak Slate of sacred coins, Luang Por Kuay, various models of Wat Doem Bang

Retro coins, Wat Doem Bang, Bunkathin model, 2522 In addition, there is also a slate of 108 amulets, Napathamung 14 na, a talisman according to the recipe of the Supreme Patriarch (Paetissadevo), the 12th Patriarch of Rattanakosin. Former abbot of Wat Suthat Thepwararam Ratchaworawihan teacher’s talisman sheet of the monks alchemy from the four quadrants of Thailand that were consecrated from Phrakhru Lad Wachiril Bhattamuni

Slate talisman plate for making retro coins, Deem Bang Temple, Boon Kathin 2022

At the same time, there are also components from psychic minerals. Reigning magical powers such as Nam Phi Iron Ore From Iron Pond Nam Phi, Thong Saen Khan District, Uttaradit Province somber mountain Big cave in Kanchanaburi powerful as a wealth lead ore seine Lord of the Ocean, the best of magic ancient monks Luang Pu Preiam, Koh Lak Temple, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province used to create sacred objects have the power to invoke luck wealth

For the names of parents, teachers, teachers Phra Kechi Bhavanajarn who have mercy on the mind, engrave the talisman sheet magical amulet power Bang Boon Kathin 2022 original coins are:

Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model. Phrarajamongkolwatcharajarn Reverend Grandfather Pat Punyakamo Huay Duan Temple, Nakhon Sawan Province royal prayer Reverend Grandfather Zi Phanthamutto Wat Khao Ta Ngoda Udomphon Chaiyaphum Phrakhru Thavorn Phatthanakun Reverend Grandfather Boonta Thawaro Sirichanto Temple, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Wat Doem Bang made a retro coin, Luang Por Kuay, 50 years old, built the first model. Phrakhru Sophonthammakhunaporn Reverend Grandfather Prasert Sirikutto Wat Pa Weruwan Aranyawasi Ubon Ratchathani Province Phrabhavana Thammaphirak Reverend Father Rak Analyo Wat Sutthawat Vipassana, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Phrakhru Sangkharak Saman Yanavaro Reverend Grandfather Thoop Yanwaro Wat Lat Nam Khao, Suphan Buri Province, Phra Kru RattanasikkanReverend Prasot Piyathammo Wat Nai Tao (Tham Phutthakosee), Trang Province
Father Thanhong Dhammawaro Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung Province, Phra Kru Watcharawihan Khun Phra Ajarn Uthai Uthayo Wat Wihan Sung, Phatthalung Province, Ajarn Pu Chamlong, Suksaeng Chan, Por Rod Tattoo Office, Suksaeng Chan, etc.

Interested persons contact for inquiries at Wat Doem Bang ( Gangaram ) Derm Bang Subdistrict, Doem Bang Nang Buat District, Suphan Buri Province

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