Collected for 6 years, 2 husband and wife found ‘Mook Melo’ appeared in the cockle. Want to prove it’s real?

Collected for 6 years, 2 husband and wife found ‘Mook Melo’ appeared in the cockle. Want to prove it’s real?

On September 23, reporters traveled to a house in Muang district, Chanthaburi province to investigate the facts. After being asked by a husband and wife, the homeowner, to investigate the case, three pearls, which were accidentally found from cockles and mussels, about six years ago, were similar to melo pearls. seen in the news footage from the television media that the pearl was found from various types of sea snails

upon arrival It was found that the house was a one-story house planted in an orchard by meeting Mr. Korlap Charoenlarp and Mrs. Issara Kessuwan, the husband and wife of the house. red velvet envelope to reporters to inspect and collect images

Initially, all 3 pearls were found to be pearly white with a reflective glossy surface. About the size of a mung bean seed, 2 out of 3 pearls are round and oval like an egg, and the other one looks like an orange seed.

From questioning, Mr. Korlap, the owner of the pearl, said that he was a fruit farmer and found such pearls from goiters and cockles that were grilled at home. About 6 years ago, but not revealed. Until there is news that pearls have been found in various types of sea shells. So I want to know pearl that they found in this goiter and cockle Is it the same pearl?

“Back then, about 6 years ago, we went out to find shrimp, shellfish, crabs, fish in the mangrove forests along the canal of Samed Ngam Village. and brought the scallops come back to eat at home while chewing on mussels It was found that he had bitten a hard rock-like object in his mouth. when spitting out was found to be a white granular object Like a pearl, but smaller therefore kept it.”

“Two months later bought cockles to eat with his wife at home while Mrs Issara was chewing on the meat. accidentally bit into a solid like a rock when spitting out found that it was 2 pearls, so they kept it, which at that time only thought will wait to make rings and earrings for their children when they grow up Until now, a total period of 6 years has been seen from the news. that pearl melo has been found in various types of marine mollusks which is similar to the pearl that they have kept found from sea snails as well Therefore, I want the media to publish in order to let the knowledgeable come and check whether it is a real pearl melo or not.”

However, he and his wife There is no need to sell these 3 pearls because they intend to keep them only to make jewelry for their children. Because it is believed that it is the good fortune of both of them who have found something that cannot be appraised. come in and take care together

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