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Source: Tobacco Control Communication Support Project (Team Chuan Help Quit Smoking)

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ThaiHealth.com joins hands with the Department to expand the results of the “Smoke-Free Community Model” in Lamphun Province.

Dr. Chayanan Sitthibut, Director of the Tobacco Products Control Committee said the Tobacco Products Control Board Implemented in accordance with the 3rd National Tobacco Control Action Plan B.E. 2022-2027, in Strategy 3, focusing on community as a base. Create sustainability in tobacco control The supervision, follow-up, support, operation at the local level, it was found that the Chaisathan community and Umong Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital Mueang Lamphun District, Lamphun Province is considered a model area with strong tobacco control operations. Under the community leaders, VHV and villagers in the area

He praised the strong work of all parties and stated that the Umong sub-district area considered a good role model And will use what I learned this time to expand the effect And he emphasized the key issue, which is to create sustainability in work to truly reduce the number of smokers.

for the Umong sub-district Emphasis on work-driven approaches according to the principles “People’s Hospital” Using the community as a base for learning Build network partners in the area jointly drive and operate communicate health risks Build health knowledge 5 ways to smoke free by the local community namely

1. Add a role model: create a role model from non-smokers or the abolitionist Become a leader in motivation

2. Increase the smoke-free area : Increase the non-smoking area in the community and provide a non-smoking area according to the law.

3. Add social rules: set the area of ​​social capital. (learning resource) is a non-smoking area.

4. Innovative smoking cessation clinic : Establishment of a tobacco dependency treatment center in the area. improve the services of the local health unit Treatment services by folk wisdom such as herbal massage Using herbs to help quit Create access and referral channels for smokers to rehabilitation agencies. and develop innovative therapy by folk wisdom

5. Law enforcement: ask for cooperation create understanding “Community shops” must be legal. including prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to children under the age of 18 and prohibiting the sale of cigarettes including not showing products on the shelf

Mrs. Puangpaka Suriwan, a specialist in public health (Promoting and Development) Deputy Dr. Lamphun Provincial Public Health Mention the situation of tobacco consumption in the area that From the past three years, the tobacco consumption rate has continued to decline, reaching 11.07% in 2022 from 12.7% in 2020, partly due to the implementation of the law. Along with stating that tobacco consumption is a matter of behavior. Changing behavior is difficult. Even if the number is reduced, more needs to be done. with the introduction of various mechanisms into force

The implementation of tobacco control in Lamphun Province is in accordance with 5 measures, comprising of driving the tobacco control mechanism through the Provincial Tobacco Products Control Committee (CPC) chaired by the provincial governor. It is a mechanism that sets the policy. and also focus on driving solutions in the area Through the district quality of life development committee (PCC), the information was brought to the meeting. which the provincial governor Establish a clear policy to reduce tobacco focus on behavior change reduce new smokers reduce the number of former smokers The NPC committee will accept the policy to continue driving at the district level.

The law enforcement measures has publicized and arranging legally appointed officials Integrate work with the social organizing team. not focusing on detection but will warn as well as providing training for tobacco entrepreneurs to understand the law Along with creating health knowledge for consumers aware of the dangers of smoking To reduce access to tobacco as much as possible

The most important measure is to reduce new smokers By creating knowledge for young people who will enter into new smokers. with training management Insert content into NHSO courses to make children aware Including access to various factories in the area because of the data also found smoking. will go to public relations ready to build a body of knowledge about the dangers which has received good cooperation

“The measure that we have been successful in is creating a smoke-free community. For example, in Chetawan Village, Muang District, is considered a non-smoking community. Has built and developed a strong network. Supported by the leadership team and local networks. Figures are very important. because if the area is not strong No community empowerment The work will not succeed. and there is no sustainability,” Mrs. Puangphaka reiterated.

As for the treatment There are smoking clinics in every hospital. And is expanding to the Sor. Hospital to increase access from the people. There is a clear referral system through the VHV that will search for smokers who want to quit smoking to enter the system.

Mrs. Puangpaka He said he would like the Office of Health Promotion Fund (ThaiHealth) to support more forums to take lessons and share work experiences because he saw that the exchange of learning experiences This will power other areas and create an internal drive to want to make the community smoke-free. Along with empowering people working in tobacco To have morale and morale to continue working to create a smoke-free society

while Mrs. Phimnapa Baiya, director of the Umong Hospital, Muang District, Lamphun Province Said that the Sor. Hospital has taken part in the drive to create a smoke-free community on 3 issues:

1. Data recovery of health problems To make communities and people aware of health problems both about illness to encourage people to be aware of the problem

2. Prepare a project to allocate budget to drive community work

3. Coordinate personnel from related network partners to come together to help reduce and quit smoking in the community both multidisciplinary Nursing care team including psychiatric nurses

for that operation will focus on the key target group is new smokers especially children and youth in schools. It also focuses on working smokers. old people who smoke for a long time Will try to join the activity to reduce smoking cessation at the same time, the law on non-selling of cigarettes. Establishment of non-smoking places in temples, schools and public places. To be a smoke-free place. In addition, there is also a clinic set up in the community. that give advice and give herbal medicines that are produced by themselves from community sages There is a herbal steam from Thai traditional medicine. This clinic will be open every Monday from 3pm – 5pm so that the personnel can fully serve the people.

Director of Sor. Umong Hospital Discuss the success factors at work, including:

1. Policies set by the provincial level down to districts, sub-districts and villages. by operating at the district level of the Umong District It is a work through the NHSO, driving 5 cities, with the District Chief of Lamphun as the chairman and the District Public Health Office (PHP) as the secretary. Powered by health network partners with participation from all sectors.

2. Integrated work in a multidisciplinary team and the family doctor team through the policy of 3 Doctors 3 Consisting of the first doctor, the VHV, who is considered as the core in persuading them to reduce and quit smoking, each person has information on health behaviors of all villagers, the second doctor, the health care provider staff, and the multi-disciplinary staff, the third doctor. family medicine doctor who provide advice and referrals. There are pharmacists who take care of medicines and products that reduce and quit smoking. There are nurses from Fahsai Clinic to take care of them.

3. Having a strong network of partners especially the strong community leaders, including village headmen, community philosophers, role models, as well as a network of monks join in driving the event to reduce and quit smoking, especially organizing activities to give alms to raise funds Provide tools to help the community at work

“Budget is part of the success. In addition to the budget received from the Subdistrict Health Fund There is also a budget and various media from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, which all budgets have been allocated. It has been integrated into the work to help people in the area to quit smoking in the end as a goal.”

while Ms. Duangduean Insin, Deputy Mayor of Umong Subdistrict, Lamphun Province Said that Umong sub-district has a population of about 13,060 people, which the municipality attaches great importance to the health of the people. therefore fully support the issue of quitting smoking Because cigarettes cause various chronic diseases by supporting the budget requested by the community which has been in operation since 2019, and said that at the moment, people in the community are aware of the dangers of smoking as deteriorating health Although still found to smoke some But all parties in the area work together vigorously.

On the other hand, Mrs. Wanpen Songnoi, chairman of the Volunteer Umong Association. Lamphun Province Discuss the role of the VHV in inviting people. Reduce smoking cessation that the VHV has information on the health of the villagers in hand This is important information to know. How are the villagers healthy? someone smoking Does anyone have a chronic disease? then take the information All of them are the starting points for work. to find people who want to quit smoking and continuously monitor the work for sustainable cessation of smoking Starting from people who voluntarily want to quit before Then it will encourage people in the community. Build confidence in wanting to quit Build understanding in the family to help push them to quit.

While the VHV has to follow up, encourage and educate about the use of drugs to help quit smoking. or other related matters, emphasizing that the strength and continuity of the VHVs, both regarding the adoption of the policy and creating a body of knowledge for the VHV, including the participation process at all levels This is a success factor that helps build a sustainable smoke-free community.

As for Mrs. Sriprai Potha, a registered nurse. District Public Health Office, Lamphun Province, Specialized Nurse on Drugs and Psychiatry Talking about coming to help support the creation of a smoke-free community that as a psychiatric nurse It is responsible for enhancing the potential of the team. To support knowledge in State Of Change assessment, consulting skills techniques motivational speaking Make the recipient feel valued, not feel inferior. and work that relies on the whole family of people who want to quit smoking By using the process of Vor. Buddy, take care of the area that they are responsible for.

In addition, an individual care plan or individual care plan has been created. To take care of the therapist and the family because if the body, mind, and society of those who want to quit are not ready. can’t quit smoking coupled with the implementation of a capacity-building program Use the knowledge and experience from the patient himself. Become an important technique to help quit Create a prototype person in the same area. the same context. Both oneself and family, physically, mentally, and socially. If managed, results will be achieved. to reach an important goal is to improve the quality of life of being smoke-free Along with enhancing the morale of the team Which can use psychiatry to create a system to see the connection through the project of 3 doctors, reducing work boundaries and referring patients

“Family plays a very important role. in helping people who want to quit smoking be successful to join in helping to quit smoking in a sustainable way,” Mrs. Sriprai reiterated.

sideMr. Suthat Sriwichai, Village Headman, Village No. 10, Umong Subdistrict, Mueang Lamphun District, Lamphun Province said it has continued to operate a smoke-free community. together with all sectors in the province To use the villagers in the community to know the dangers of cigarettes that How does it affect health, along with public relations for those who want to quit smoking? Come to receive treatment at Fahsai Clinic. which in the past has received good cooperation from the villagers in the community

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