Customs Region 2 raids to detect smuggled pork 4.9 tons worth more than 1 million in Buriram.

Buriram – Customs Region 2 raids and seizes 4.9 tons of smuggled pork, worth more than 1 million, in Buriram province, loaded in a pickup truck with a driver. revealed that illegal pork was imported along the border with neighboring countries outside the northeastern region Authorities expedite investigations to expand the results of the arrest of those involved. Sentenced to five years in prison, a four-fold fine.

Today (Sept. 23) reporters reported that according to Mr. Phachara Anantasil, Director-General of the Customs Department has a policy to focus on the prevention and suppression of smuggling of pork and pork parts to prevent the spread of germs and to protect domestic pig farmers therefore assigned Mr. Phongthep Buasub, Deputy Director-General of the Customs Department, Mr. Promchai Sanitwong Na Ayudhya, Director of the Customs Office Region 2, Mr. Kornchai Panyawatanapong, Customs Control Specialist Region 2 and Mr. Chanin Suparin, Director of Customs Control The Customs Office Region 2 has ordered the customs officials in the area to continuously investigate and rigorously crack down on smuggling.

Until on September 22, the investigation and suppression department customs control The Customs Office Region 2, led by Mr. Rawat Bangpha, Head of Investigation and Suppression together with the investigative unit The crackdown in the Northeastern region, PPP2, SorPor.1, has continued to investigate the area to investigate the smuggling and distribution of smuggled pork in the northeastern region. And has made plans to search the target pickup truck, Isuzu brand, white, registration number 2761, Roi Et, in Porn Samran Sub-District, Khu Mueang District, Buriram Province. foreign origin smuggled into the kingdom, totaling 4,900 kilograms, totaling more than 1 million baht

An initial investigation of the driver said the frozen pork was brought in along the border with neighboring countries outside the Northeast. to amplify the arrest and bring the perpetrators involved to be punished further

Assisting in concealing, distributing, and buying smuggled pork from abroad is an offense under Section 246 and carries a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years. or four times the total price of duty Or both remember and fine according to the Customs Act B.E. 2560 and the Animal Epidemic Act B.E. 2558, therefore, the officers have seized all the items. As well as detaining the accused to be sent to the Customs Office Region 2 for further legal proceedings.

However, pork from foreign countries is not allowed to be imported in Thailand. To prevent the spread of ASF and many countries also use red meat accelerators that affect the health of consumers. as well as to protect domestic pig farmers The Customs Department continues to strictly and continuously control its policy to prevent and suppress smuggling of pork.





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