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Golfers from “New Zealand-Australia-Japan” win “Asia Long Drive Championship 2022” for the first time in Thailand in Phuket


Phuket News Center – The scene ends beautifully. The first Asian long-distance golf tournament “Asia Long Drive Championship 2022” in Thailand was held in Phuket. Golfers from New Zealand-Australia-Japan win the championship Prepare to participate in the world-class long-distance golf tournament as well.

Today (September 18th) at the 11th hole, Laguna Phuket Golf Course, Thalang District, Phuket Province, there is an Asian long-distance golf tournament. in the semifinals and the final of the “Asia Long Drive Championship 2022”, which is the first time to be held in Thailand. in Phuket by Just Play Asia Sport management company, secetory of asia long drive association and international relation of Asia long drive association jointly organized Since September 16 at Laguna Phuket Golf Course, Thalang District, with golfers from different countries Participated in competitions such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries, a total of 60 people divided into Open Division, Women’s Division and Master Division levels, with a total prize pool of $35,000. which is the highest prize money And the winners of each category will also be able to participate in world-class distance golf tournaments.

The Open Division finals were won by Stephen Scotty of New Zealand, while the Women’s Division was won by Phillis Meti of Australia. And the competition at the Master Division level belongs to Mr.Akihiro Hotta from Japan.

with Mr. Thammawat Wongcharoenyos, president of Phuket Sports Association, Mr.souhaib mishmish board director international relation of Asia long drive association and representatives from Laguna Phuket. Congratulations and award prizes to all 3 golfers.

On the side, Mr. Nathiphat Num, Managing Director of Just Play Asia Sport management said that this competition has been prepared for about 2 years, but has been facing the problem of the epidemic of COVID-19. It was originally going to host the tournament in China. but still unable to arrange therefore chose to come to the event in Phuket Because it is a province that is ready in every aspect, including the subject of the field. and convenient travel And Phuket has opened the city for tourists. This event is considered to be the largest long-distance golf tournament. and think that it will be held continuously for 5 years








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