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The visa route is clear. “Chinese beggars” took the opportunity to use student visas to sit and beg in the middle of the city.


Immigration Division 5 is rushing to investigate information on “Chinese beggars” who took advantage of the opportunity to use student visas. Come sit and beg for alms in the middle of the city. In the tourism sector, recommendations to relevant agencies You should seriously solve the problem. Worried that a negative image of tourism will arise.

21 November 2023 Progress on the group arrest case “Chinese beggar” Sitting and begging at tourist attractions There is an income of more than ten thousand baht per day. From the investigation of the accused Chinese female beggar who was arrested by the police. Bang Phlat Police Station He was arrested. In front of a department store in the Pinklao area Found travel documents for entering the country by Apply for a student visa I am a student at a college in Lamphun Province.

Nation News Team It has been revealed from news sources. that are reliable in Lamphun Province confirm that they have received information regarding visa issuance. to students from China before finding out that they were one of a group of beggars was arrested by police in the Bangkok area. Apply for a student visa at a college Actually in Lamphun Province

which is under investigation In-depth information that They act in the same way. Come before or not? and is in the process of coordinating information with the college The route for applying for a student visa is How to proceed? And attend the school according to the objectives or not?

a college In Lamphun Province, where Chinese people apply for visas to study.

preliminary Nation News Team Have contacted Immigration Division 5, Immigration Bureau, found that the said woman Traveled to Thailand for less than a year. with a tourist visa After that, he applied to study. at the said college Therefore the visa was changed to a student visa. Most recently, it is in the process of checking the correctness status. and where it came from of applying for a visa again before coming out to provide correct information with the media in detail

The visa route is clear.

However, at 11:00 a.m., the reporter called to inquire. Lamphun Provincial Education Office But the Lamphun Provincial Education Office currently in meeting Preliminary discussion with the secretary gives information that at this time the Lamphun Provincial Education Office has confirmed that it will receive information or orders to investigate such cases. If in the future there is additional information The media will be contacted to ask for further information.

The visa route is clear.

side Mr. Panlop Saejiw The president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Industry Council said that having visas for students to foreigners Come to study in Thailand Whether it’s language or sports. It is already considered a good thing. But if there are people who do not wish well Use this process in coming in as a way to make a living that does not meet the stated objectives or illegal In this part, the government sector of Thailand Must expedite the management process.

After this, the government agencies involved There must be more strictness. in checking and tracking Because when bad news comes out It will become a bad memory of Thailand. It makes the confidence of foreigners decrease.

Personally, I am in the tourism sector. There may not be any in-depth information. About the steps or the process by which these groups of people Come to make a living In violation of the stated purpose But I agree that it must be managed, every sector must help each other. If the culprit is found Must leave the country and must not be allowed to return You can commit another mistake.

Gang of Chinese beggars arrested

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