“Central Westville” wins the big Asian award, BCI ASIA AWARDS 2023, set to launch on 29 Nov.

Central Pattana Company Public Company Limited or CPN Thailand’s real estate leader in the form of Retail-led mixed use, including Central shopping center businesses, residences, office buildings. and hotels across the country Reinforcing the success of Thailand’s real estate leader and being a sustainable organization. Won the big Asian award “Top 10 Developers Awards 2023” from the development of the big project “Central Westville” (Central Westville), a prototype of the Semi-outdoor shopping center & Low Carbon Mall of the future. The main idea is to bring Nature comes together with Urbanization to become The First-ever Nature Harmonized Retail, connecting the lives of both people and pets. Ready to answer the needs of living in every dimension, combining perfectly with eco-friendly trends, with Mr. Christian Low, Executive Regional Director, and Ms. Juthatham Chirathivat, Head of Business Development, Central Pattana Public Company Limited. Was a representative of the company to receive an award from Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry, at the BCI ASIA AWARDS 2023. This award is given to real estate development organizations that have an influence on the development of the construction industry. And there is investment in developing projects that are outstanding, have quality, take into account the environment and help promote prosperity. economic development Community and society
Mr. Christian Low Executive Regional Director Central Pattana Public Company Limited said Central Pattana Focus on creating a good and sustainable future for everyone. Under the vision of Imagining better futures for all, we are therefore committed to creating a landmark or ‘Center of Life’, creating a space that meets the needs of every life. and drive the economy, create jobs, create careers, and develop communities. Therefore, we have created Central Westville in the form of a Semi-outdoor & Low Carbon Mall shopping center with the main concept of combining nature with Urbanization to be ‘The First-ever Nature Harmonized Retail’. Let Central Westville be the prototype of the first future shopping center that meets both needs. People-Pet-Planet Ready to respond to the world trend that cares about Mindfulness, Health Consciousness and Sustainability. More and more, the Top 10 Developers Awards 2023 by BCI ASIA are considered a prestigious award that is recognized in the world of architects. and world-class real estate developers I would like to take this opportunity to thank BCI ASIA for recognizing Central Pattana’s commitment. in developing various projects that is not only outstanding and beautiful But it must be quality. It has a strong and safe structure. Including helping to save energy and conserve the environment. It is also consistent with the company’s business management guidelines for sustainability.
Miss Juthatham Chirathivat Head of Business Development Central Pattana Company Public Company Limited Said that Central Westville was designed under the concept of “Reimagine Harmony with Nature”, integrating nature with the building area. To create a more pleasant atmosphere Merge the garden area Planting large trees inside the building There is a waterfall in the center of the area, providing cool vapor and helping to reduce the temperature of the outdoor zone. It also creates a Community and Relaxation space for customers, including designing exterior design such as façades, buildings and skylights inspired by the shade of trees. “Tree Canopy Shading ” So that everyone can experience nature, including sunlight, wind, sound of water, trees, all of which will provide a Sensational Experience in living life for everyone. And the Main Indoor Area has been combined with the idea of ​​using materials that come from nature to design the shopping center. Taking into account the integration of re-use materials into the design.

Highlights of the design area in the shopping center include the Waterfall Amphitheater, a 20 meter high waterfall curtain in the center of the shopping center. It is a meeting space for people in the Ratchaphruek area. Triple Playgrounds meets the needs of families with 3 playgrounds, enhancing learning and playing amid different natural environments. Sky Garden & Running Track meets the needs of health lovers with a running track amidst an upper garden. rooftop Designed to suit the standards of treadmills used in competitions and Outdoor Activity for family customers. Pet Destination: Pet-Friendly Landmark point on a total area of ​​over 1,000 square meters, gathering the most complete Pet Facilities that Central Pattana has ever had.

Central Westville “Semi-Outdoor and Low Carbon Mall” the best shopping center on Ratchaphruek Road. Under the concept “West at Its Best” reflects Central Development’s commitment to improving the quality of life. along with taking care of society and the environment Prepare to officially open on 29 November 2023.

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