50 provinces participated in the “DOW-CST AWARD Mini Chemistry Operations” contest, emphasizing the success of “DOW Chemistry Classroom” creating benefits throughout the country.


Bangkok – 17 November 2023 – Dow Thailand Group (Dow) and project partners “Dow Chemistry Classroom” opens the stage for young scientists for the 9th year to compete in the DOW-CST AWARD Miniature Chemistry Project Competition 2023, with schools across the country submitting 132 projects from 50 provinces reflect success in encouraging teachers across the country to use Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory techniques in teaching science in the classroom. With the advantage of the experiment set being small, highly safe, and cheap, it helps create equal opportunities in science education for Thai children to do real experiments. Even in distant schools Including knowing how to use local things to experiment with Helps build understanding of the content and create a good attitude in studying science, which is still a field of great demand in Thailand.

Dow has joined forces with the Chemical Society of Thailand (CST), Office of the Basic Education Commission. The Ministry of Education (OBEC) and the National Science Museum (NSM) provide opportunities for teachers and secondary school students across the country. Submit experimental work designed under the principles of “Miniature Chemistry Laboratory Techniques” participated in the DOW-CST AWARD contest for the 9th consecutive time in the topic of Green Chemistry. This year there was a record number of contestants, reaching 132 teams from 50 provinces in every region of the country. It emphasizes the achievements that new teaching methods have been thoroughly implemented in the classroom. Help reduce inequality in access to science experiments even in remote provinces.

The final round of the contest was held on November 17, 2023 at The Street Ratchada Mall, Ratchadaphisek Road, Bangkok, with 32 finalist teams. There were many science learning promotion activities open to the general public. You can also participate, such as the “Fun Science” show by the Science Museum Organization. Career guidance in science By Dow Thailand Group, playing science quiz games to win prizes on stage. Motivational talk session “The wonders of the elements and their habitats” by Mr. Warong Chantamat, a famous science communicator from The Standard Podcast, “Everything in the world is physics.”

Mr. Suphot Kettoprakarn, Executive Vice President of Business Department and develop low-carbon businesses. Dow Thailand Group said, “Dow aims to support the development of science and technology education for Thai youth. To create a new generation of scientists who will create innovations to drive the economy, society, and environment of Thailand in the future. Dao Chemistry Classroom Project Not only does it increase equal opportunities to experiment with chemistry for Thai children throughout the country; but also helping to help the environment Because it uses less chemicals Helps reduce waste from experiments It also helps save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing and transporting large pieces of equipment. Including the large amount of chemicals that each school must use.”

Prof. Dr. Wuttichai Parasuk, President of the Chemical Society of Thailand, said, “Conducting experiments using miniature laboratory techniques will make students think, analyze, and understand the principles of chemistry in depth. Therefore, it is suitable to be used in conjunction with teaching in schools. In addition to building skills for students It also builds confidence in students to be able to experiment on their own safely and dare to think. Dare to design new experiments to solve various problems, which will be the starting point for creating innovations that are beneficial to the development of science and technology in Thailand.”

Mr. Ekkasit Piyasaengthong, Director of the Educational Development Group for the Specially Gifted Office of Academic and Educational Standards Office of the Basic Education Commission The Ministry of Education said, “This competition is another clear success of OBEC and its partners from the introduction of miniaturized chemistry to help in teaching Thai science. It opens the door to a wide range of cutting-edge science opportunities for students across the country. Learned and experimented with small and safe chemicals. Access to scientific education even in remote areas Teachers have applied the knowledge in the lessons in the curriculum to be in line with the local context. Until being able to successfully submit creative projects to the contest stage OBEC intends to expand the results of teaching with miniature chemistry experiments to reach even more schools and hopes that there will be even more participants in the contest every year.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Rawin Rawiwong, Director of the National Science Museum, said, “The Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory Experiment Kit is an innovation that promotes learning chemistry to be easy and fun. Learn anywhere, anytime. And most importantly, it provides opportunities for teachers and students in schools that do not have chemistry laboratories. Able to think and do a variety of chemistry projects. NSTDA believes that children and students will be able to access and use this mini-chemistry laboratory. It will instill more love and interest in chemistry. and expand the effect on interest in other fields of science as well

Results of the 9th DOW-CST AWARD competition at the high school level include: 1) Excellent awards Receive a prize money worth 40,000 baht along with a plaque of honor. from professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Chulabhorn Walailak Empress Dowager Princess Krom Phra Si Sawangkhavadhana Worakhattiyarachanaree Award goes to Prachinrat Amrung School, Prachinburi Province, from the Electric Greenery project. 2) Outstanding Award goes to Mahidol Wittayanusorn School, Nakhon Pathom Province, from the project on the rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide when using agar beads. Alginate mixed with manganese oxide as a catalyst. Received a prize money worth 20,000 baht. 3) Two honorable mention prizes: Muang Nakhon Nayok School, Nakhon Nayok Province and Samsen Wittayalai School, Bangkok Province, received a prize money of 5,000 baht per team.

Results of the competition at the junior high school level include: 1) Excellent award Receive a prize money worth 40,000 baht along with a plaque of honor. from professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Chulabhorn Walailak Empress Dowager Princess Krom Phra Si Sawangkhavadhana Worakhattiyaratchanaree includes Hat Yai Wittayalai 2 School, Songkhla Province, from the Miniature Chemistry Laboratory Project. Concerning diffusion 2) Outstanding award goes to Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School, Chiang Rai Province, from the project on factors affecting gas diffusion. Receive a prize money worth 20,000 baht. 3) Two honorable mention prizes: Yothinburana School, Bangkok Province and Prachinrat Amrung School, Prachinburi Province, receive a prize money of 5,000 baht per team.

In addition, the project has given a special prize or Popular View award, 1 prize, to the team with the highest number of views of the experimental clip on Dow Thailand’s YouTube, which is judged by the number of video views only, namely Satun Wittaya School, Satun Province, which received money. Special prize 10,000 baht

For the mentor teachers of all 32 teams that qualified for the finals. Will receive the right to attend the international academic conference Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON 2024) that will be held between 26-27 January 2024 at the BITEC Bangna Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, along with the right to become a member of the association. Chemical Authority of Thailand and is a model teacher for the project To expand knowledge and potential in science which teachers trained under the project “Dao Chemistry Classroom” will be able to use training hours to apply for or promote teachers’ academic status.

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