Nonthaburi: Motorcycle crashes into the back of a 10-wheel truck, 1 death, double crash, 2 more injured.


A motorcycle crashed into the back of a 10-wheel truck, killing one while a passing vehicle swerved to avoid a double collision, injuring two more.

At 11:30 p.m. on November 20, 2023, police officers from Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, along with officials from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, traveled to investigate after receiving a report that a motorcycle crashed into the back of a 10-wheel truck and resulted in a casualty. life and there were repeated collisions and injuries. The incident occurred on the bridge over Khlong Lam Pho. Newly cut Chaiyaphruek Road, inbound to Bang Bua Thong Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District, then coordinated with the doctor on duty from the Institute of Forensic Science to rush in to investigate.

The scene of the incident was in the middle of the bridge over the Lam Pho Canal where the body of Mr. Saengwut Meephok, 48 years old, from Bang Bua Thong District, was found dead, his body still hunched over a motorcycle. The other party was a 10-wheel truck, Isuzu brand, registration. 72-1780 Nakhon Pathom was parked about 500 meters from the scene of the incident. There were still parts of the car at the back of the 10-wheel truck. The motorcycle is stuck.

Mr. Noppadon Lu-iam, 38 years old, a 10-wheel truck driver, said that while he was driving a truck full of sugar out of a warehouse in Soi Wat Lat Pladuk, Bang Bua Thong District, to deliver it to its destination in Saphan Sung District. Bangkok, when you arrive on the bridge, drive in the left lane. Suddenly heard a loud boom. From behind the car, at first I thought that the car’s tire had exploded until a sedan drove alongside me. I was curious and shouted to ask from the sedan’s side, “Brother, my car’s tire burst, right?” The driver of the sedan nodded and slowly drove the car to a stop under the bridge and came down to take a look to see the parts of the car. The motorcycle was stuck in the back of the car and soon after, a rescuer rode down and said that his car was hit. A motorcycle crashed into the back and someone died on the said bridge.

At the same time, less than 5 minutes after this accident happened, another car accident occurred. The motorcycle crashed into the back of a pickup truck that slowed down and swerved to avoid the incident. A motorcycle crashed into the back of a truck in the left lane, causing someone to drive and ride behind the vehicle. Two more motorcycles were injured and rescuers transported them. Vibharam-Pak Kret Hospital

The police said that initially they had recorded images of the scene and interviewed the driver of the 10-wheel truck. However, there will be further questioning and examination of CCTV footage at the scene of the incident again. As for the deceased, they were given to Ruamkatanyu Foundation officials to be sent to the Institute of Forensic Science for an autopsy.

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