The main match ‘Ong Ing’ places a bet on the first round ‘Pitha’ will overcome the battlefield of the Provincial Administrative Organization president.


local battleground Aung Ing Wat Satthat Barami Pitha The first round is the prelude to the battle.Provincial Administrative Organization PresidentThroughout 2024, Pheu Thai-Moving Forward Betting on the future of the big stadium

4 years ago, in the battle for Provincial Administrative Organization president Thanathorn lost badly, Pheu Thai did not meet the target. Because the main house did not choose to wear political party shirts on the field

During 19-20 Nov. 2023 Aung Ing-Pae Thongthan Shinawatra Pheu Thai Party leader and party secretary-general Sorawong Thianthong went to Uttaradit and Nan provinces to meet with Pheu Thai Party members.

same time Pitha Limjaroenrat Advisor to the leader of the Forward Party Participated in the 2023 Local Progress Seminar and was a speaker on the topic The importance of locality in national politics

The progressive party team has revealed that In the meantime, selection of candidates for Provincial Administrative Organization president is underway. It is expected that in mid-January 2024 there will be a launch in some provinces. which the election of the Prime Minister Provincial Administrative Organizations throughout the country It is expected that it will happen in early 2025.

even Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Will give an interview through the media during this period that I still consider the Pheu Thai Party to be a friend. and the orange people who founded the Future Forward Party – Progressive Party They are all products of the Thai Rak Thai Party. But on social media today Going further and for Thailand They are still the same old lovers as before.

Therefore, the first battle that will see the confrontation between the red camp and the orange camp is the presidential election. Provincial Administrative Organizations throughout the country

Weak points for Thailand
Prime Minister Election Provincial Administrative Organizations across the country in 2020, the Progressive Committee sent candidates for Provincial Administrative Organization president to 42 provinces. It appears that not even one province was selected.

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit Chairman of the Progress Committee So the train was adjusted. by the next local election Make it the duty of the Progressive Party Just like when electing the Governor of Bangkok and members of the Bangkok Council.

The coaching team has advanced. Probably already evaluated Real orange brand It should help the Provincial Administrative Organization president candidate better than the Progressive Faculty brand.

On the other hand, the Move Forward Party is accelerating the expansion of party branches throughout the country. And from now on Party branches will play a greater role in local politics.

For the Pheu Thai Party There is no official stance yet forlocal elections But many MPs have suggested that Oung Ing Pae Thongthan Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, also prepare for the election of the Provincial Administrative Organization president.

In the past, the Pheu Thai Party sent candidates for Provincial Administrative Organization president in 25 provinces and only 9 provinces were elected. At that time The party itself is not very prepared.

together with the large group of houses Separate national politics from local politics. Therefore, when entering the local field Ban Yai therefore does not like to wear the shirts of any party.

whenAung Ing Pae Thong Than be the party leader And if there is an announcement to go to the fieldElection of Provincial Administrative Organization PresidentIn full force, the large home group would have to adjust its plans.

Proving the current of Oung Ing
Going back to 2020, the Pheu Thai Party sent candidates for Provincial Administrative Organization presidents in 25 provinces and 9 people were elected as Provincial Administrative Organization presidents.

Northeastern Region: 4 people: Wichian Khaokham Udon Thani, Kan Kalpatinan Ubon Ratchathani, Wichian Somwong Yasothon and Pol. Lt. Col. Jit Sriyoha Mukdathanaphong Mukdahan

Northern region 5 people: Pichai Lertphong Adisorn Chiang Mai, Anusorn Wongwan Lamphun, Nopparat Thawong Nan, Tuangrat Lohasunthon Lampang and Anuwat Wongwan Phrae.

The central region sent candidates for Provincial Administrative Organization president in 9 provinces, namely Suphanburi, Rayong, Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Singburi. It appeared that they were defeated in every field.

The reason why Pheu Thai suffered defeat in the central region It comes from sending new applicants. Not a big politician

As for the big houses that used to belong to the Pheu Thai Party Has moved to belong to the Bhumjaithai Party and the Palang Pracharat Party Plus, some groups in large houses don’t want to wear political party shirts.

However, the victory of the Pheu Thai Party with Ong Ing Pae Thongthan going on a full campaign campaign In the by-election for the president of Roi Et Provincial Administrative Organization in 2022, it may be a local political model for the Red Camp in 2025.

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