Analysis of the Thai national football team With their backs against the cap, visiting Singapore needs only 3 points.


Singapore (world ranking 155)

Performance of the last 5 matches

Lost to South Korea 0-5
Won Guam 1-0 (away)
Won Guam 2-1 (home)
Won against Taiwan 3-1.
Lost to Tajikistan 0-2

This Singapore national team has a Japanese coach, Takayuki Nishikaya, who started the team in 2022. Their performance in the first World Cup qualifying match was a 0-2 loss to South Korea.

In this game, the team uses 2 players who play in the Thai League with BG Pathum United, like Irfan Fandi and Raihan Stewart, a half-breed right-back. Singapore-Wales, 23 years old

Statistics for the last 5 matches

Statistics of meetings between Thailand and Singapore Lately, we’ve been broke. Always winning in the last 5 meetings. The last time we lost to a team from Dan Lod Chong was on December 19, 2012 or 9 years ago when we lost 1-3 in the Suzuki Cup.

18-12-21 Thailand 2-0 Singapore
25-11-18 Thailand 3-0 Singapore
22-11-16 Thailand 1-0 Singapore
26-03-15 Thailand 2-0 Singapore
23-11-14 Singapore 1-2 Thailand

Follow and watch and cheer on the Thai national team in the important game of visiting Singapore today, 21 Nov. 2023 at 7:00 p.m. Thairath TV broadcasts live.

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