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Ang Thong raises a Khon khon campaign to stop cars to let people cross the “zebra crossing” and a campaign to wear 100% safety helmets.


November 21, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. on Highway 309 in front of Ang Thong College of Dramatic Arts, Mr. Piriya Chantadilok, Governor of Ang Thong Province. Assigned to Miss Ekarat Nakakong, Deputy Governor of Ang Thong Province. Chairing the organization of campaign activities “All vehicles stopped at the zebra crossing. Pedestrians always use zebra crossings and crossings” and the campaign to wear 100% safety helmets along with Mr. Sakda Bansak, Deputy Governor of Ang Thong Province. Permanent Secretary of Ang Thong Province Head of Ang Thong Provincial Office head of government agency Ang Thong District Chief, students, citizens, and related agencies and Khon actors including Rama, Lakshman, Yak, and Monkey, actors in the Ramayana, lead the team across the zebra crossing. Create color for citizens passing by to join in the activities.

With Mr. Banjong Phothiwong, head of the Ang Thong Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. Report on activities to create awareness among the public, students, and tourists. and road users Be aware of the loss from road accidents. It is also a symbolic display of strength of the readiness of all network agencies in Ang Thong Province.

For organizing this activity, it consists of providing policies and practices to prevent and reduce the risk of road accidents. Giving helmets to students Safely crossing a zebra crossing which determines the campaign guidelines. Every 21st day of every month is the target for the campaign. The Ang Thong Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office has integrated with Mueang Ang Thong District. Ang Thong Highway Subdistrict Muang Ang Thong Provincial Police Station Ang Thong College of Dramatic Arts Committee of the Ang Thong Provincial Road Safety Administration Center, Central Disaster Protection Company Limited, Ang Thong Branch, and network partners, government, private sector, volunteers, foundations in Ang Thong Province.

In this regard, Ms. Ekarat Nakakong, Deputy Governor of Ang Thong Province, emphasized that all sectors join together in campaigning for road safety. and 100 percent wearing safety helmets is required for civil servants, employees, officials, and visitors to government service. Wear a helmet every time a motorcycle rider comes to contact government officials in the area and strictly abide by traffic rules. The responsible agency surveys and inspects improvements to the crossing area to make it safe, such as drawing speed-slow lines before reaching the crossing. Arranging clear traffic markings on the road surface. Prepare warning signs and signs to make them clearly visible to drivers and crossers, as well as create awareness about using crossings safely. Creating awareness for drivers Reduce speed in community areas In front of the educational institution, in front of the hospital Crossing or zebra crossing Stop letting people cross As well as raising awareness of the losses that may occur from driving without discipline and not following traffic rules to prevent and reduce the risk of road accidents. and readiness to face further incidents

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