Chinese girl beggar, student visa holder, seizes the opportunity to study online. Come sit and beg for alms in the middle of the city.


Commander-in-Chief of Immigration Bureau orders immigration police across the country to investigate the issue of Chinese beggars. It was revealed that one of the accused held a student visa at Lamphun College. It was found that the correct travel document was used. But take advantage of the opportunity to study online. Sitting and begging in the middle of the city Police confirm guilt Ready to expedite visa revocation Pushed to leave the country immediately Emphasizes that there is no involvement of the Immigration Police gang that supports Chinese capital.

progress”Gun Super Power” Coordinate with police in many localities in the Bangkok area. Follow and arrest the groupChinese beggar Each of them had a mangled face. It’s like a burn. Or had acid splashed on the face while sittingbeggarfollowtourist attraction with income dropping by more than ten thousand baht per day until causing panic in Thai society that there are these groups of people who earn a living in such a way

Recently it was reported that Police Lieutenant General Itthiphon Itthisanronnachai, Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, Pol. Maj. Gen. Phanthana Nuchanart, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, has given orders to the Immigration Bureau, as well as Immigration Bureaus throughout the country. Check the facts related to the Chinese beggar group. who come to use Thailand to make a living according to the principles of the law There must be punishment for wrongdoing up to the level of right.Visa revoked

For the accusedChinese girl begging that was policed Bang Phlat Police Station He was arrested in front of a department store. Pinklao area, from checking the travel documents into the country It was found that he was using a student visa. He was a student of a college in Lamphun Province. Then the Metropolitan Police Bureau coordinated with the Immigration Bureau to investigate the facts of this matter.

This is in accordance with the order of the Commander-in-Chief of Immigration Bureau who has ordered Immigration Police all over the country to investigate the facts. which is also reported From the police investigation of the Immigration Division 5, they found that the woman had been in Thailand for less than a year.tourist visa After that, he applied to study at the said college. Therefore the visa was changed to a student visa.

When examining the documents, it was found that All main travel documents are used correctly, as well as the Immigration Police working in cooperation with educational institutions in the area. About providing information to international students Therefore making it known that This Chinese woman beggars Classes are taken online. There is a picture of attendance to confirm every time.

Until he was arrested by the police for begging in the Bangkok area. Considered to be against the objective of holding the said passport The Immigration Police are in the process of revoking the visa. before being taken into the process of being pushed back to the country

The part that has doubts is that This young Chinese woman was begging for alms. Traveling in and involved a group of Immigration police who were helpfulGray Chinese Capital that had been carried out previously or not, which had been verified and were not related Because this Chinese woman has been in Thailand less than a year ago. as well as using all travel documents correctly

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