Cancer takes the life of ‘Big Prang’, the former military commander who seized power from Thaksin at the age of 75.


Cancer took the life of “Big Prang” at the age of 75, former commander of the 3rd Army Region, coup d’etat, leading forces to seize power from “Thaksin” in 2006 before failing to hope for the position of Army Commander, being replaced by Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence.

21 Nov. 2023, reporters reported that General Saprang Kalayanamit, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. Former commander of the Third Army Region, who was one of the organizers of the September 19, 2006 coup, died of cancer. with a schedule for Abhidhamma prayers and cremation at Wat Phra Si Mahathat, Bang Khen, Bangkok.

As for Gen. Saprang Kalayanamit, he is a native of Lampang province, born on July 8, 1948, is a 7th class military preparation student, graduated from the 18th class of Chulachomklao cadets, a 43rd class student of the National Defense College, and graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. Master of Public and Private Sector Management Department of Public and Private Management National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), married to Wipada Kalayanamit, is currently a board member of the Army Wives Association.

Gen. Saprang first began serving in the position of commander of the light weapons platoon. 3rd Infantry Battalion, 4th Combined Regiment (1969) went through important national security situations both at home and abroad many times. Used to be Battalion Commander, 1st Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Regiment (1982), Commander of the 1st Infantry Battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment (1985), Regimental Commander Military Preparatory School Student (1990) Regimental Commander Chulachomklao Cadets (1991) Military Cadre Served as Minister of Defense (April, 1997), Commander of the 15th Infantry Division (October, 1997), 3rd Battalion Commander (2003), 3rd Army Region Commander (1 October 2005), and became Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army. At the end of 2006, after seizing power in the ’19 September coup’ before missing out on the chance to win the seat. Army commander was promoted to Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Then he retired from government service. and kept quiet all along

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