Villagers complain about the extremely expensive road, having invested more than 3.3 million in less than 2 months, the entire line has been completely destroyed.


Villagers in Chaiyo District, Ang Thong Province, implore the agency to investigate the expensive road expansion project, with a budget of more than 3.3 million baht. It has been in use for less than 2 months and has completely destroyed the entire line.

On November 21, 2023, it was reported that in Chaiyo District, Ang Thong Province, the asphalt road connecting Highway 32 or Asia Road to Bang Sala Flood Gate, Village No. 1, Chairit Subdistrict, a distance of more than 1 km, was in a condition. The left channel is approximately 1 meter wide, collapsing along the entire route. As a result, the road surface has a level difference of more than 5-10 cm. and in some places it is still broken into deep ruts, causing motorcycles using the said route to use caution. Because there may be an accident. If you step on or climb the point where the collapse occurred

From the inspection, it was found that the road in question is a project to widen the Alphastic shoulder, width 1 meter, distance 988 meters, with installation of solar power. of Chairit Subdistrict Administrative Organization Using a budget of 3,300,000.00 baht (three million three hundred thousand baht), a private company was hired to carry out the construction. Construction began on 24 May 2023, contract ended on 1 September 2023, but less than 2 months after construction was completed, it appeared that the entire line was damaged. Including electric poles and chains, some of which were damaged.

Many villagers who use the said route said that Not long after construction was completed, the road had a noticeable collapse. In some places, deep ruts have formed and the original road has subsided to become a level road. There are many motorcycles traveling on this road and it is feared that there will be an accident. Therefore, we would like the relevant agencies to come in and check whether the construction meets standards or not. Because in less than 2 months, it was damaged all along the line.

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