Spread out the calendar for 7 dangerous days in New Year 2024. Which days are they? Look back at accident statistics.


Prepare to spread out the Czech calendar for 7 dangerous days during the New Year Festival of 2024, starting from December 28, 2023 – January 3, 2024. Reveal road accident statistics. Along with suggestions on how to avoid urgent and catastrophic events.

It’s getting closer and closer to the New Year festival of 2024. In addition to the joy and happiness on New Year’s Day. Another thing that always happens every year is road accidents that you should be very careful about during the 7 dangerous days, which this year will coincide withThursday 28 December 2023 to Wednesday 3 January 2024

Despite how strict road accident control measures are, every year accidents that occur during the New Year festival claim the lives of quite a few people. In 2023, accident statistics were summarized. A total of 7 dangerous days (from 29 December 2022 – 4 January 2023) were 2,440 times, with a total of 2,437 injuries and 317 deaths.

The province with the highest cumulative number of deaths is Chiang Rai (15 cases), the province with no deaths. (Zero deaths) There are a total of 5 provinces: Narathiwat, Bueng Kan, Phang Nga, Satun, and Sukhothai. The main causes of road accidents are still drink driving, speeding, and not using safety equipment.

According to accident data from previous years, the most common losses were due to drunk driving. and carelessness For road users who need to move around during these 7 dangerous days, accidents can be avoided by following the following recommendations:

1. Don’t drink and drive.

When does the driver feel drunk or unconscious? You should not drive any type of vehicle. Because drunk driving is the main cause of accidents during the 7 Dangerous Days, you should avoid drunk driving or refrain from drinking alcohol at all to reduce accidents the best.

2. Drowsy, don’t drive.

When drivers feel drowsy, they should stop to take a 15-20 minute nap or drink coffee, but preferably before napping. Because coffee doesn’t work immediately. But it takes effect after 10-15 minutes. Another way is to find small activities that can be done while driving, such as chewing gum or singing, to avoid feeling drowsy.

This is according to the offense code according to The Land Transport Act 1979 states that the driver of a vehicle while physically or mentally incompetent is an offense according to Section 103. The penalty is a fine not exceeding 5,000 baht.

3. Don’t drive fast.

Methods for avoiding driving can reduce the rate of accidents caused by carelessness. Currently, if the driver increases the speed beyond the legal limit, both the Traffic Act and the Highway Act have increased the penalty to 10,000 baht.

4. Wear your seat belt. and always wear a helmet

Basic practices regarding safety Every time before driving any type of heavy vehicle, you should fasten your seat belt and wear a helmet. Because it will help reduce the accident rate and help reduce the chance of death or injury.

However, if anyone sees an accident during the 7 dangerous days of the New Year, they can request help at the following contact numbers:

Emergency number for emergencies

  • 191 Contact the police to report the incident.
  • 192 National Disasters
  • 199 Rama Radio Center To report a fire/dangerous animal invading the home
  • 1418 Por Teck Tung Foundation, Bangkok.
  • 1155 Tourist Police (Tourist-related disaster hotline)
  • 1192 Car Theft Suppression Center (STC)
  • 1193 Highway Police
  • 1195 Crime Suppression Division (Crime Report Hotline Serious cases are a threat to the country)
  • 1555 Bangkok Complaint Center (Central Emergency Coordination Unit in Bangkok)
  • 1300 Prachabodi Center To report a missing person

Travel emergency phone numbers

  • 1137 Radio JS.100 (emergency number to report urgent matters on the stomach for further coordination)
  • 1146 Department of Rural Roads (Contact about roads only in provincial areas)
  • 1197 Police Traffic Control and Command Center
  • 1644 S.W.P. FM91 (report traffic conditions and report urgent incidents on the road)
  • 1356 Transportation Safety Center (Transportation System Safety Mission Coordination Center)
  • 1690 State Railway of Thailand (Ask about train lines, tickets, etc.)
  • 1584 Department of Land Transport
  • 1586 Department of Highways Hotline
  • 1543 Expressway Authority of Thailand
  • 1677 Let’s join together and help each other. (Volunteer Network)
  • 1490 Transport Company Limited (B.K.S.)

Finally, the easiest and most effective way to avoid road accidents during the New Year festival is to: own security Considering the safety of your own life and those around you is important. If drivers can do this, they can reduce the accident rate quite a bit.

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