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Phitsanulok Phitsanulok Municipality Decorate with lanterns and krathongs Add color to the city Celebrate the Loy Krathong Festival

Today, 20 Nov. 2023, reporters reported that During this time, Phitsanulok Municipality officials Started decorating Phitsanulok city to match the Loi Krathong festival. Add color to the city and make it attractive to travel. at various check-in points Especially in the beautiful area in the middle of Phitsanulok city. Officer brings a lantern and krathongs to decorate the area of ​​Sala Sritraphirom Beautifully in front of the Chao Phraya Chakri Monument to decorate the city very beautifully all day and during the night. People bring their children to visit and take pictures.

Mrs. Premruedee Champoon, Mayor of Phitsanulok City, said that this year the Phitsanulok Municipality The name of the work was used: “The Destiny of the Nan River” in order to reflect the way of life and local culture of Phitsanulok in the past. and to promote, conserve, restore, and preserve and perpetuate culture. Good Thai traditions and customs for future generations and join in reminiscing about Phitsanulok in the past People’s way of life The beautiful, juicy Nan River Basin Including the way of life, food, dress, music, arts, culture and local wisdom. Let’s present it to the new generation to know and appreciate its value and jointly preserve it by taking the tradition of Loi Krathong as a starting point for looking back in the past in promoting tourism in Phitsanulok Province.

This year it will be held from 23-27 November 2023 in front of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan. and the Nan Chaloem Phrakiat Park area


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