In the era of big houses, ‘Newin’ joins with the University of the Rats to make the ‘Blue Lions’ rise.


rippled canal Newin Comeback. People are confused and sitting as Director-General of the Department of Public Health. The red lion retreats, the black lion retreats. It’s time. Blue Lion prominently

Once again, the Ministry of Interior Under the supervision of the minister Coming from the Bhumjai Thai Party, for the first time, Headmaster Newin Chidchob sent Pu Jin Chawarat Chanvirakul to sit as Minister of Interior, and this time it was the turn of Brother Noo Anutin Charnvirakul to sit as Minister of Interior, following in his father’s footsteps.

The first round of organizing the Interior Army It caused a stir throughout the country when Chaiyawat Junthirapong Moved from Governor of Buriram Province Became the Director-General of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPWD).

Governor Chaiyawat Having only been the city father of Buriram for 1 year, he pole-vaulted to sit in the Department of Public Health. And what was surprising? This big department It is under the supervision of Mr. Biao Kriang Kaltinan, Deputy Minister of Interior, Pheu Thai Party.

Above all, Governor Chaiyawat I’m a clumsy person. Born at Ban Prasat, Ban Dan District, Buriram Province. His life partner is a native of Lam Plai Mat District, from the same province.

Singha Noo and friends
From the first day I stepped foot in the Ministry of Interior Anutin Chanvirakul I spoke to the three Deputy Ministers, namely Songsak Thongsri, Chada Thaiset and Kriang Kaltinan, that we will work together like brothers. There is no division between Bhumjai Thai or Pheu Thai.

Recently, the Settha Cabinet passed a resolution approving in principle the assignment of the Deputy Minister of Interior. Acting Minister of the Interior In the case where there is no person holding the position of Minister of Interior In order they are:
1. Songsak Thongsri 2. Chada Thaiseth and 3. Kriang Kalptinan

On 13 September 2023 Anutin Chanvirakul The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior signed the Ministry of Interior order. Divide work as follows:

Anutin Chanvirakul Supervise the Department of Provincial Administration (P.C.), Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (YP.), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).

Songsak Thongsri The Deputy Minister of Interior oversees the Department of Local Administration (Department of Local Administration) and the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MPWA).

Chada Thaiset The Deputy Minister of Interior oversees the Department of Community Development (DCD), Department of Lands and the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA).

Kriang Kalptinan The Deputy Minister of Interior oversees the Bangkok Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (BMA), the Market Organization and the Wastewater Management Organization.

Blue Lion
The appointment and transfer of high-ranking executives of the Ministry of Interior, the first batch of 24 under Cabinet Settha 1, that has been widely talked about is the case of Chaiyawat Junthirapong, Governor of Buriram Province and Naruecha Kosasiwi Laize, Governor of Bueng Kan Province

For Chaiyawat Junthirapong, he is a Buriram person by birth. But he was famous when he was Prakhon Chai District Chief. Working in the eyes of the big house

At the end of 2018, Chaiyawat moved to become Permanent Secretary of Sakon Nakhon Province. After a year, he returned to his hometown and sat in the chair of Deputy Governor of Buriram Province.

In 2022, Chaiyawat became the governor of Buriram Province. After the former governor, Thatchakorn Hatthathayakul, asked to move to Chiang Mai.

When Governor Chaiyawat entered the Khlong Lod Ministry Sitting in the chair of Director-General of the Public Health Department, there is also the name Naruecha Kosasivilize, Governor of Bueng Kan Province. Moved back to his old place to become Governor of Buriram Province.

In 2018 Naruecha Kosasivilize held the position of Permanent Secretary of Buriram Province. before moving to become deputy governor of Bueng Kan Province

At the end of 2022, Naruecha Kosacivilize rose to the position of Governor of Bueng Kan Province. After 1 year, Governor Naruecha returned to the city of Prasat Fa Fa.

in the political dimension Buriram and Bueng Kan It is a sister city. Because of Headmaster Newin It has been given to Sia Pom Songsak Thongsri to drive piles in the Mekong riverside cities since 2011.

During 2019-2022, Songsak was Deputy Minister of Interior, Prayut’s government. He has devoted his resources to developing Bueng Kan. And there is a fifth Mekong Crossing Bridge project.

Currently, Sia Pom has succeeded in planting the blue flag in Bueng Kan Province when the Bhumjaithai Party has 2 Bueng Kan MPs and Waenfa Thongsri, Sia Pom’s sweetheart. Sitting in the chair of Bueng Kan Provincial Administrative Organization president.

The next batch of governors will be transferred. Let’s keep an eye on that. Who will become the new Governor of Bueng Kan? And of course, it must be the Blue Singha only.

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