NRC together with the Naval Wives Association …

NRC together with the Naval Wives Association …
NRC together with the Naval Wives Association …

NRC together with the Naval Wives Association Laying tile floors to create an activity space for Ban Na Hua Bo School, Nakhon Phanom.

Rear Admiral Saman Khanthapong, Commander of the Naval Unit to Maintain Peace and Order along the Mekong River, revealed that From the Boat Unit to Maintain Peace and Order along the Mekong River (NRK), there was an activity to promote participation in the form of Boworn for the year 2023 (1st time) to campaign to create awareness among children, youth, and the public. general Becoming aware of the dangers of vice and drugs Along with Dhamma training included Including sacrificing for the public by doing various public activities. Made it known that Ban Na Hua Bo School, Village No. 7, At Samat Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Phanom Province Open for teaching and learning from Kindergarten 1 – Grade 6, with a total of 70 students, 42 males and 28 females, with a total of 9 educational personnel, with Mr. Chamrat Munsan as the school director. There is a desire to have a safe activity place for students. Due to the condition of the floor of the multi-purpose building being unsightly When teachers and students do various activities Whether it is teaching exercise and other activities This causes the risk of easily causing accidents and danger. Therefore, I would like to renovate the floor of the multi-purpose building to make it more safe.

Therefore, the NRC has surveyed all areas to be implemented and estimated costs. Along with coordinating and notifying the matter to the Naval Wives Association to request budget support in the amount of 85,200 baht for laying tiles with a total area of ​​320 square meters. As for the renovation, NRC personnel will be used to carry out every step. When the Naval Wives Association learned of the matter, it immediately considered and approved the budget. Because we saw that it would create safety for everyone. Especially schoolchildren who will have a place to run and play. exercise place Including places where activities can be done to grow up to be a quality person with a strong and healthy body. and become an important force in the development of the nation in the future They traveled to donate financial support on August 7, 2023, then worked with the director of Ban Na Hua Bo School and the school committee to purchase various materials. came to renovate the floor of the multi-purpose building until it was completed, and today (18 Sep. 2023) the space has been handed over to Ban Na Hua Bo School for use as usual.

On this occasion, a bell was also installed. which is also used as a tool for transmitting sound signals in activities within the school This is because the original bell was damaged due to use for a long time. This new bell has been coordinated with the request of the Naval Shipyard Department, which is responsible for repairing and building ships, to help cast a new one.

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Reporter: Tinnakorn Phetdee

Composer: Suntaree Tubmanoch

Source: Nakhon Phanom Provincial Public Relations Office

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