DSI prepares to destroy 161 containers of illegal pigs 25-29 Sep. 2023


DSI together with Customs-Livestock Preparing to destroy 161 containers of illegal pork In the case of seizure and storage of seized items at Laem Chabang Port Ready to proceed with landfill destruction between 25-29 Sep. 2023.

Issara News Agency (www.isranews.org) Reported that on September 13, 2023, Police Lieutenant Colonel Channarong Thapsan, Deputy Director of the Special Case Operations Division The Secretary of the Special Case Investigation Team No. 59/2023 has issued an invitation letter. Director General of the Customs Department Director General of the Department of Livestock Development President of the National Pig Growers Association Director of Laem Chabang Port Attend a meeting to discuss the handling of witnesses in special cases. which is pork and pork parts that were illegally imported from outside the Kingdom, a total of 161 cabinets, with a meeting held at conference room 1, the Department of Special Investigation building

An important agenda of the meeting was to determine the destruction of pork parts and pork carcasses resulting from crimes imported from outside the Kingdom. By determining the destruction area at the grass plot of the Animal Feed Research and Development Center, Sa Kaeo, Sa Kaeo Province, it takes 5 days, which is scheduled to be transported and destroyed. Pig carcasses this time between 25-29 September 2023. News reports say that the meeting has determined the route for transporting illegally imported pig carcasses this time as follows.

Route from Laem Chabang Port to the wrecking pond Arranged in order: 1. Departure from the pier. Use road number C.B. 3009 heading towards Bowin Subdistrict, Si Racha District. 2. When you reach Mega Home Bowin (left side), turn right onto road 331. 3. Use road number 331 heading towards Phanom Sarakham/Chachoengsao, drive straight all the way. Until entering Road 304, continue driving until you reach the level bridge at Khao Hin Son Intersection. 4. Go up the level bridge at Khao Hin Son intersection. Turn right onto Road No. 359 and drive straight all the way to Sa Khwan Intersection, Sa Khwan Subdistrict, Mueang Sa Kaeo District, Sa Kaeo Province. 5. Turn right at Sa Khwan Intersection. Enter Road No. 317. Drive straight until you reach the location of the 69 Jum Zaap shop, Wang Somboon District, Sa Kaeo Province. 6. Turn left onto Road 3021. Drive straight until you reach the intersection with Road No. 3395. 7. Turn right. To Road No. 3395, drive straight until you pass the Sa Kaeo Animal Feed Research and Development Center office. 8. Drive from the Sa Kaeo Animal Feed Research and Development Center for about 800 meters and find a dirt road alley. The first alley on the left side of Road 9. Turn left into the alley on Thanon Lang Rang. (Road dividing Sa Kaeo and Chanthaburi provinces which is next to the grass plot fence of the research center) approximately 1 kilometer, found a place to bury and destroy the remains on the left hand side. Due to the number of containers containing a large number of pig carcasses

In this regard, the investigative team therefore We would like to publicize this to the people traveling in the said area in advance. The reporter further reported that on the same day, R. Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. Had a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives throughout the country. via teleconferencing and informed the meeting that he had coordinated with Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice. To solve the problem of illegal imports of agricultural products and goods outside the Kingdom by jointly cracking down on illegal imports between the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

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