Kru Kai Kaew History of the Great Teacher with worship prayers


Kru Kaikaew, the history of the legend of the master teacher who glows magic with the belief in giving blessings and wealth until it became famous among many merchants with worship prayers Don’t miss Sai Mu.

Who is this minute? I believe that you must know the name of Teacher Guy Kaew The archmage of magic and spells From the case of a truck with a tall sculpture attached to an overpass As a result, traffic on Ratchadaphisek Road was temporarily paralyzed. It is believed that Teacher Kai Kaew He is the one who inspires success, wealth and wealth until being dubbed “god of fortune” and has a reputation among merchants selling far abroad. Today, jar dot com will bring everyone to know.Biography Teacher Guy Kaew along with telling the coordinates of the place to pay homage to Kai Kaew in Thailand, howenhance your luck andprayerLet’s worship Kru Kaew.

Biography Teacher Guy Kaew

Teacher Guy Kaew Or what many people may know as “The Grandfather, the Grand Master of Magic” is a person who has a strong penance a thousand years ago. There was a very powerful magic spell in that era. Your body has deteriorated over time like everyone else. But the strong spirit was not dissipated. When there was a successor to his subjects until when he arrived at one time, there was a monk who went on a pilgrimage to practice the Dhamma Meditate at Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom Cambodia has come to continue studying the magic of Teacher Guy Kaew When he returned, he brought a replica of Kru Kai Kaew back to Lampang Province.

Upon arriving at Lampang, the Buddha handed over Kru Kai Kaew to one of his disciples, Ajarn Tawin Milintachinda or Por Win, a former Thai singer of the former military band. who is the teacher of Ajarn Suchat Ratanasuk, who created the first body of Kru Kai Kaew in Thailand

In the first time that Ajarn Suchart was given a teacher by Kaew. The teacher is small. It was the appearance of a person sitting on his lap, only 2 inches, and later Kru Kaikaew appeared for Achan Suchart to see. At that time, Ajarn Suchart drew a picture of Ajarn Kaikaew from his imagination and cast a statue of the Ajarn for the first time. It looks like a standing Buddha image, like an old man, brought to the office. The purpose is to worship the teacher itself.

By the appearance of Phra Kru Kai Kaew that Ajarn Suchart created It is the nature of a practitioner. half human half bird winged back It has golden fangs to represent the bird of Karawek. According to the evidence that appears on the bayon wall Considered a teacher of all arts during the era of King Jayavarman VII of Cambodia.

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How to pay homage to Teacher Guy Kaew

Worshiping the Kru Kaew will worship the teacher with 5 incense sticks and offer various tributes, such as fragrant coconut, chives, fruits, Thai sweets and fragrant flowers, etc., and pay respect to the teacher. After that, money will be offered at Kru Kai Kaew’s glass cabinet and knock and then ask for blessings to say that wishes will be fulfilled as you wish.

Spell to worship Kru Kai Kaew
magic teacher

prayers of worship to the teacher It can be said as follows.

Namo tassa bhakawato arahato samma sambuddhassa (3 complete Namo)

Ma-au, Kru Kaya Kaew, Metta, Cha Maharaj, Sappasaneha, Mama Chittang, Piyang Mama (9 chants finished)

A place to pay homage to Teacher Kai Kaew.

For anyone who wants to worship and pay homage to Teacher Kai Kaew You can pay homage to the following places:

  • Thewalai Ganesh Huai Khwang intersection
  • Thewalai Phra Phikanet Bangyai
  • Ganesha Shrine Chiang Mai Arcade
  • The Bazaar Hotel Ratchada-Ladprao area

However, the story of Teacher Kai Kaew is a personal belief. which has no right or wrong and besides Father Kru Kaew will be believed in Thailand There are also strong believers as far as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well. as the god of wealth ever

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