Earthquake, basic knowledge that Thai people should be aware of and prepare for.


Earthquakes are not new events for our country. But it always happens as long as we live on the land.

An earthquake is a natural phenomenon that is difficult to avoid. Because even scientists cannot predict the future of this catastrophe. Both in terms of date, time, place or level of severity that may occur. knowledge and understanding of the land in which they live earthquake process will lead to guidelines to reduce the damage that may occur in this emergency

in part of Thailand We have the Department of Mineral Resources. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Be an earthquake information provider and taking lessons from earthquakes from around the world to raise public awareness of earthquake preparedness within the country

Especially with the exploration of the Fault Fault along with the preparation of the Fault Fault Atlas of Thailand, the latest volume, 2019 edition, which can be downloaded at the link ( index.html?fbclid=IwAR3wKGA2bIIt69-YaaPGntPte8J33B-YW2eSX8_X1wWW4hqs9Xn2AecuTyE) to compare it with its habitable area whether it is in the area of ​​the fault line or not. and how to prepare

earthquake in thailand

Thailand is in an area prone to small to moderate earthquakes. At present (2023), the highest earthquake intensity in Thailand was at magnitude 6.1 in Mae Lao District. Chiang Rai in May 2014

If looking back in the history of Thailand An earthquake has been occurring ever since it was recorded in the annals in 690 B.E. that caused the whole city of Yonok Nakorn to be sunk into a large swamp. which is expected to have a level of severity greater than 7 in order for such an event to occur (And in modern times, there has not been an earthquake of this magnitude), which requires trenching of the fault line. And can use this information to help analyze current and future earthquake cycles.

or if it is closer to our era The epicenter of the Srinakarin Dam, the highest level of 5.9, which felt the tremor to Bangkok. From the analysis, it was found that it was caused by the Si Sawat Fault that lies across the western part of Thailand.

Even in the past 2022, we heard the news of a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in Doi Saket District. Chiang Mai Province from the Doi Saket sub-fault Shows that earthquake events continue to occur. And the relevant agencies are still studying by digging trenches to explore fault lines with power according to the level of danger. and regularly update the information forwarded to the public sector

factor of severity and preparation in the policy sector



Pictures of buildings collapsing from the severity of the earthquake in Turkey. in October 2021

The Meteorological Department provides information on the severity of earthquake events that affect people. Divided into items, namely:

  1. The magnitude, intensity and source of the earthquake The large earthquakes usually occur along the world’s earthquake line. An area where the earth’s crust collides. or the line of fault lines is powerful The smaller ones can be caused by human activities such as mining or large reservoirs.
  2. Depth by a shallow earthquake From the surface level to a depth of 30 kilometers, causing more damage.
  3. Fault study and the movement of fault lines that affect that area
  4. Community Preparedness especially in terms of the strength of the building structure that must be consistent with the style of the site that is equal to Earthquake monitoring areas require knowledge and engineering skills to build on powerful fault lands. Tsunami prone areas and high-rise buildings

Thailand Disaster Preparedness Therefore, it is necessary to rely on 3 main parts, including the body of scientific knowledge. both in technology, statistics, measurement tools, research and the use of legal administrative regulations, the public sector in the role of management Both the Department of Mineral Resources and the Department of Disaster Mitigation and finally in the public sector to know their own land It must not forget to pay attention to the aftermath and recovery after the earthquake.



The 2016 earthquake in Italy, magnitude 6.2, was caused by a powerful fault line.

An important issue of earthquake preparedness mechanisms It is therefore a joint strategy for all sectors involved in order to switch off factors that may cause damage to both life and property. and create a safe space for all people The proposed joint strategies of related agencies are as follows:

  1. Preparation of a master plan for earthquake prevention and mitigation and building collapse along with driving the plan into practice
  2. building control law For buildings higher than 10 meters
  3. The Fault Expedition has 16 powers and is expected to have power.
  4. Surveillance and create risk maps for the safety of unregulated or old buildings.
  5. Community-level risk mapping to reduce the risk of building disasters Especially with houses built by local craftsmen.

Many agencies are trying to create a public sector that is an Active Citizen or an awake citizen. to accelerate the formation of mechanisms at the local level in the matter of promoting knowledge of building and structural strength for community technicians or local salads or educating on creating zoning from sheets that show risky areas so that all factors can move together efficiently

earthquake monitoring network and integration

Our house started to install the first earthquake detector in 1963 in Chiang Mai. and has been developed and improved until now There are 152 earthquake monitoring stations under the responsibility of the Thai Meteorological Department, forwarding data to the earthquake database. at the earthquake monitoring bureau Meteorological Department Which is open to the public to be able to access and load data for further use

As for Bangkok itself, there is the Bangkok Metropolitan Strong Motion Network (BSMN) project to install vibration measuring equipment at 50 stations in the district office. especially in areas with high density buildings to collect information as central information and processing vibration values For preparing reports to adjust anti-seismic design values Preparation of the earthquake risk map of high-rise buildings in Bangkok (BKK Risk Map) and made available to the public by the Department of Public Works and Planning. for researchers to continue to use



One thing that Thailand still has to continue to develop in preparation for earthquakes. is the collection of information from multiple agencies Analyzed and integrated by seismologists. (Seismologist) and earthquake engineer (Earthquake Engineer) to apply further for construction work to cope with earthquake situations.

Although there is a law to control earthquake resistant buildings. (Read at the link already. But our country still lacks the National Seismic Hazard Map (National Seismic Hazard Map), which is a plan that needs to be continued for the benefit of the country.

Pictures from the Symposium ’35 Days after the Turkish Earthquake. Is Thailand ready for earthquakes?

We reduce the risk of earthquakes can be difficult because it is a natural disaster. But the risk of damage can be reduced. If there is good preparation of information, both knowing him – studying the area of ​​his own area in which fault has any power or not, and knowing us – preparing the building structure to suit the site location But it will help reduce damage from unforeseen events in the future.

Information from academic seminars ’35 days after the earthquake in Türkiye Is Thailand Ready for an Earthquake? by Department of Mineral Resources Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment together with speakers from the Thai Meteorological Department National Disaster Warning Center Kasetsart University and Bangkok

Assoc. Prof. Anek Siripanichkorn

Assoc. Prof. Anek Siripanichkorn

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