China deceives China, police destroy Chinese networks Selling fake herbs to Chinese tourists


4. Place of production in a residential area on Bang Bon Road, Bang Bon Subdistrict, Bang Bon District, Bangkok by Ms. Pimpiccha (Last name reserved) is the leader of the raids. Seized 4 items of herbal products that were in the process of production and packaging, totaling 853 pieces, and seizing raw materials such as essential oils for production. and mixed herbal products waiting to be packaged Filling machines and boilers Including fittings used in production, a total of 26 items, a total of 8,652 pieces

From the search of all 4 points, 27 brands of herbal products were found to be guilty as follows:

1. Esldpagpon mixed balm Thai Siam Herbal Seal (fake)

2. Saledphangphone Balm Mix Harn Formula (fake)

3. Balm mixed with Esldpagpon Bua Thong Herbal Seal (Fake)

4. Thai Siam Herbal Balm, Siam Tiger brand, 5 heads (fake)

5. Thai herbal balm 5 Star Siam Tiger Badge (Fake)

6. Siam Tiger Balm Bua Thong Herbal Seal (Fake)

7. Siam Tiger Balm, Harn Formula (fake)

8. Siam Tiger Balm Pure natural herbs (fake)

9. 100-Year-Old Herbal Balm, Sae Wu (fake)

10. Herbal balm, 5 stars, hot formula (fake)

11. Relaxing Massage Pills Crocodile Herb Balm (Fake)

12. Hom Chana Lom, Sail brand (fake)

13. Agarwood massage oil, Tipmat, Thai Hom Mai

14. Siam herbal massage oil, brand Hanuman Hao 5 stars (fake)

15. Massage oil (fake)

16. Herb Massage Oil

17. Herbal Massage Oil Thai Siam Herbal Seal (fake)

18. Herbal Massage Oil natural herbs extracted from 18 herbs

19. Herbal Massage Oil Bua Thong Herbal Brand extracted from 18 herbs

20. Herbal massage oil, Harn brand, extracted from 18 herbs

21. cold pressed herbal oil concentrate

22. Herbal Oil Bua Thong Herbal Brand

23. Mixed herbal ointments Tiger brand (fake)

24. Relaxing Massage Pills Crocodile Herb Balm (Fake)

25. Vagina tightening pill, pure (fake)

26. THONG TIGER Massage Palm Relaxing Massage Pill (Fake)

27. Hom Chana Lom, Sail Brand (fake)

A total of 4 searches were conducted, seizure of 38 counterfeit herbal products and other herbal products which were illegal under the Act. Herbal Products Act, 2019, 42 items, machinery, and accessories used in the production of fake herbs and 32 other evidence, totaling 112 items, worth more than 4,000,000 baht in damages.

On May 25, 2023, the investigating officer Kor. 4, Bor.Por.Chor. Thai Siam Herbs Co., Ltd. as a juristic person and 3 directors as personal names: 1. Ms. Pimpitcha (Last name reserved), 2. Mr. Jing Chai (Last name reserved) and 3. Mr. Jue Kang (Last name reserved)

2019 on the grounds of “committing to manufacture and sell counterfeit herbal products, to jointly produce and sell unauthorized herbal products, to jointly produce and sell unauthorized herbal products.” has registered the recipe”, with all 3 accused confessing to all charges.

From further investigation, it was found that Such counterfeit herbal product production networks There is a group of Chinese investors to invest. By employing Thai people as manufacturers to sell to Chinese tourists which will use the pharmaceutical registration number of other products to be used with counterfeit products so that consumers who buy it believe that it is a genuine product

by producing herbal products to have features that are popular in the market By mixing various ingredients together and then packing them into packaging using human power. non-standard and not certified by the FDA, and then deliver the goods to stores owned by Chinese people in the Huai Khwang area and tourist attractions in Thailand

China deceives China, police destroy Chinese networks Selling fake herbs to Chinese tourists

There will be a guide to pick up the products to deceive and sell to Chinese tourists. which such herbal products will not be sold in general stores to avoid scrutiny from government agencies and detection from the licensee of the actual drug registration number They will sell at a wholesale price of 20-30 baht per piece and will continue to sell for a profit in the hundreds to thousands of baht. It has been produced and sold for about 1 year.

The actions of such accused are offenses under act Herbal Products B.E. 2562

1. The base of “jointly producing and selling counterfeit herbal products” under section 58(1) is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years. or a fine not exceeding one million baht or both

2. The base of “jointly producing and selling herbal products without permission” under section 17 paragraph one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years. or a fine not exceeding three hundred thousand baht or both

3. The base of “jointly producing and selling unregistered herbal products” under section 58(4) shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year. or a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand baht or both

Deputy secretary-general of the Food and Drug Administration Weerachai Nalawachai said that for this operation, the FDA would like to thank the police from the Consumer Protection Crime Suppression Division (BDI) for investigating and expanding the results until able to seize herbal products A large number of illegal

From the arrest, found counterfeit herbal products, smuggled, counterfeit by using other formula registration numbers to show on the label. non-standard production which may not be effective in treating the FDA and the CCP will work together to expand the results of arresting the network of offenders for further legal action

Therefore, I would like to remind the people that Herbal products, food, drugs, and cosmetics must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before selling. You can see the FDA registration number or mark on the product label. Should buy from a store that has a definite source. In the case of buying online, buy from An online store that has registered e-commerce with the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce finished As for medicines, they cannot be traded online. Must buy from the pharmacy Or have been diagnosed and paid by a doctor from a public or private hospital only.

Consumers can check health products that have been approved by the FDA at and [email protected] If you find any suspicious or unauthorized products can be notified at the Hotline No. 1556 or via Email: [email protected] [email protected]Facebook: FDAThai or PO Box 1556, Ministry of Public Health Post Office, Nonthaburi Province 11004 or provincial public health offices nationwide

Pol. Maj. Gen. Anan Nanasombut, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Police, expressed his concern to the people that Caution and thoughtfulness should be exercised. in choosing to buy medicines, health products and herbal products You should check the drug formula registration number before buying. And choose to buy from a reliable place to sell by purchasing from a pharmacy Or those who are allowed to sell herbal products only.

Because it is used and directly affects the body. The production process must meet the standards of the FDA and warn those who smuggle in production. and selling herbal products without permission The police will continue to make arrests. If found, legal action will be taken to the fullest. In this regard, those who witness illegal acts in any other manner Clues can be notified at the hotline Por Kor Kor. 1135 or the Consumer Protection Kor Kor. warning page at any time.

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