Free sanitary napkin pilot news in schools

Free sanitary napkin pilot news in schools
Free sanitary napkin pilot news in schools

Saturday-Sunday News Field – Bangkok Free Sanitary Napkin Project in School Pilot Let students in Grade 4 – Grade 3 help save expenses for families. and focus on hygiene

Mr. Sanon Wangsangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Visit the area of ​​Wat Ratchasingkhon School, Bang Kho Laem District, Bangkok Free sanitary napkin policy pilot project in 7 schools under the BMA in Bang Kho Laem District went to Wat Ratchasingkhon School, where there were more than 1,100 children from elementary school to lower secondary school, including about 200 female students who participated in the project in Grade 4. -M.3, which previously had to use the school’s own budget Purchasing sanitary napkins for children

for the pilot of free sanitary napkins in Bangkok to ease the burden of parents’ expenses helping female students Schools under the BMA have access to the use of sanitary napkins and have the knowledge to take care of their own hygiene. and knowledge of sex education correctly and correctly

This year, the pilot will distribute sanitary napkins to 7 schools in Bang Kho Laem district. And will add 3 more districts in Bangkok in 2024, under budget request To expand the project to another 109 schools to provide female students with sanitary napkins to use every month. by providing 15 pieces per person per month

While Ajarn Saipin Lompong, Director of Wat Phai Ngoen Chotanaram School That is also in the area of ​​Bang Kho Laem District The school has students up to Grade 6, when a 10-year-old school girl starts menstruating. Found a problem in some children who are unaware of the changes that occur when entering adolescence. Many girls live with their fathers. or grandparents I don’t know who to consult and sometimes unknowingly menstruating while at school went to see a female teacher who helped as a consultant for the children to ask for sanitary napkins at the teacher’s room which saves parents expenses. and teach children about hygiene

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