“ONCB-Police Provincial Police Region 5” jointly arrested Mr. Thanapon Ramchul’s network, seizing more than 20 million baht.


MGR Online – Narcotics Control Board joins the Provincial Police Region 5 in an operation to blockade and search 3 targets in Chiang Mai-Bangkok. Many items of Thanapol Ramchul’s network have been seized.

Today (May 26), Mr. Wichai Chaimongkol, secretary-general of the Narcotics Control Board, together with Pol. Lt. Gen. Piya Tawichai, Commander of the Provincial Police Region 5, held a press conference for the siege operation, arrest, and seizure of Mr. Thanapon Ram’s network assets. Chul in the area of ​​Chiang Rai and Bangkok, ready to extend the effect of seizing more than 20 million baht in assets, with His Excellency Jonathan King, Ambassador of New Zealand. Thailand Join in observing this press conference.

Mr. Wichai said that the arrest was due to the fact that on March 2, 2023, Mae Phrik drug checkpoint officers in Lampang province arrested Mr. Boonlert Ramchul, Mr. Thanapon Ramchul and Ms. Kanyarat. increase prosperous along with 2,000,000 methamphetamine pills, 297 kilograms of ice, 20 kilograms of ketamine, hidden in a plastic box. behind a cargo truck Bangkok registration number 1 vehicle at Mae Phrik Narcotics Checkpoint, Lampang Province

Mr. Wichai said the investigative officer expanded the results. collect evidence And requesting an arrest warrant for 3 commanders, drug owners and participants of the arrest warrant from Chiang Rai Provincial Court operating in Chiang Rai and Bangkok as follows: 1. Mr. Suriya Prommin, 57 years old, acting as an employer and commander. which can be arrested at the condominium area, Senanikom area, Chatuchak district, Bangkok Mada, Mae Lao District, Chiang Rai Province (found a phone call to Mr. Bundit Therefore tracked and arrested in the area) and 3. Mr. Bundit Waiyaka, 34 years old, acting as a transport coordinator Arrested while driving out of the house, Village No. 6, Than Thong Subdistrict, Phan District, Chiang Rai Province, along with 400 kilograms of drug ice and 2,600 methamphetamine tablets.

“Then expand Inspect the property of the accused and those involved. Including assets from 3 targets, including 5 cars, 1 motorcycle, 10-wheel truck with harvester, firearms, wooden table set, land and 12 buildings, totaling approximately 26,273,000 baht.

Mr. Wichai concluded that the ONCB has continued measures to suppress drug traffickers and networks in the upper northern region. and conducted an intensive intercept because it is an area with a severe drug problem situation And will deal with the network of drug smugglers seriously. in order not to allow drugs to enter the country This will be an important force in helping to reduce the overall drug epidemic problem in Thailand. and once again reminded that according to the Narcotics Code Those who smuggle in the narcotics of type 1 (Ice) will be punished with imprisonment of not more than 15 years, a fine of not more than 1,500,000 baht, and in the case of being the chief commander, imprisonment for 5 years to life and a fine of 500,000 – 5 million. Baht or execution


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