Former superintendent of Ratchaburi, the 16th victim of am cyanide

Former superintendent of Ratchaburi, the 16th victim of am cyanide
Former superintendent of Ratchaburi, the 16th victim of am cyanide

Crime News May 26, 2023 – Noon Newsroom – Police ordered the case of the ex-director of Bang Phae Police Station in Ratchaburi to be demolished. A heart attack died in 2020 while riding a bicycle, which may have been linked to Am Cyanide, while Lawyer Krishna had already withdrawn from the case because Am confirmed that he did not confess.

by this director Former Superintendent of Bang Phae Police Station, Ratchaburi Province And retired, he was persuaded by Am to bring retirement money to invest in business which sources say A certain amount of money was transferred, which was picked up by Am before this director went out to ride a bicycle in Ban Laem, Phetchaburi Province. and a heart attack was carried to the police hospital Before he died after half a month of treatment, during the year 2020, which was the same time that many victims died, whether Nittaya, Sawitree, Surat, and Darinee, now the head of the investigative unit therefore ordered Let this case be pulled up to verify the facts.

While in Am’s side of the case, most recently, Lawyer Krishna served as a lawyer for Am Cyanide, with the condition that Am must confess to Koi’s case. Has decided to withdraw from being lawyer Am, arguing that because Am did not confess to Koi’s case, lawyer Krishna stated that he had already told Am since his visit on May 24, 2023.

As for Lawyer Patch, former lawyer Am, it was reported that a while ago Has contacted investigators of the Crime Suppression Division and asked to surrender after having a summons to turn himself in by May 31 in a hidden joint case. destroy evidence

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